Boris bike scheme sets sights on Southampton

A bike hire scheme similar to the Boris Bikes in London could be coming to Southampton. A study has been launched into introducing the public hire bikes at docking stations around the city. A similar scheme was launched in Reading earlier this year.

'Boris bike' scheme could come to Southampton

A popular scheme that persuaded motorists in Central London to swap their four wheels for two could be introduced to Southampton.

Hundreds of so-called 'Boris Bikes' may be brought in to the city after similar plans surfaced for a £2m scheme in the New Forest.

The initial report into the cycling scheme was commissioned by Southampton City Council to carry out the study.

The bikes that are commonplace in London could be seen nearer to home in Southampton Credit: PA Wire

There is no clear funding for the scheme at the moment and proposals show it could take 18 months for the scheme to take action in the south.

The original "Boris Bikes" self-service cycle hire scheme was introduced in London in 2010 by mayor Boris Johnson to encourage people to use bikes instead of cars to release traffic off of roads.

We are a pretty flat city and it is an ideal place to cycle around. If people can take a bus into town and cycle around, it's to the benefit of everybody.

The aim is to encourage cycling, which is good for the environment, good for the individual and good for the amount of traffic in the city centre."

– Simon Letts, Southampton City Council leader Cllr
The bikes which are a common sight in London could be in Southampton soon Credit: PA Wire

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