Mother's epilepsy campaign after death of daughter pregnant with twins

Pregnant Kirsty Walker died after having an epileptic seizure last year

The mother of a heavily pregnant woman who died on Christmas Eve, just weeks before giving birth to twins, is urging people to be more aware of epilepsy and how to help someone who has a seizure.

Debbie Walker from Thatcham in Berkshire, wants to raise awareness of the condition and how people can help in an emergency. Her daughter Kirsty was due to give birth to twins next month, but she died after suffering an epileptic fit. Paramedics were unable to save Kirsty or her unborn twin girls.

Penny Silvester's report includes an interview with Leigh Slocombe, the Chief Executive of Epilepsy Research UK.

The NHS Choices website has advice on what to do if you see someone having a seizure. The tips covered include:

  • move them away from anything that could cause injury – such as a busy road or hot cooker
  • cushion their head if they're on the ground
  • loosen any tight clothing around their neck – such as a collar or tie, to aid breathing
  • when their convulsions stop, turn them so that they're lying on their side
  • stay with them and talk to them calmly until they have recovered
  • note the time the seizure starts and finishes