Rat infestation in takeaway's food storage area

Dead rats in a bucket in the takeaway's food storage area Credit: South Oxfordshire District Council

An Oxfordshire takeaway’s food storage area has been closed by environmental health officers.

Inspectors went to the Delight 2 kebab shop, on Broadway in Didcot, following a complaint from a member of the public. They found live and dead rats, rat faeces and gnawed packaging in the takeaway's food storage buildings. Inspectors immediately served a Notice preventing the takeaway from using the building.

The takeaway was also served an Hygiene Emergency Order by Magistrates who agreed "using the buildings would constitute an imminent risk to health".

Delight 2 is now forbidden from using the building until it eliminates all pests and secures the building to stop pests gaining access in the future.

Most businesses work hard to provide high food safety standards. Cases like this show that those who fail to do this will face swift and decisive action from our officers to protect the public. In this case a member of the public made a complaint and we were at the premises later that same day to investigate.”

– Cllr Tony Harbour, Cabinet member for waste, grounds maintenance, food safety and environmental health, South Oxfordshire District Council