New flood defences to protect homes in Portsmouth

New flood defences will protect more than two thousand homes in Portsmouth according to the Floods Minister.

Therese Coffey visited the city to see the work on the forty four million pound scheme for herself. They'll provide over five miles of new flood defences to North Portsea.

The scheme will also create new areas for wildlife and plants in Langstone Harbour.

Parts of Hambledon were completely flooded in 2014 Credit: ITV Meridian

"Portsmouth's new defences will better protect over 2,000 homes and businesses in the city - giving people living and working here peace of mind.

"This scheme is part of our commitment to invest over £142 million in Hampshire's flood defences and, as well as reducing the flooding risk, it will create new habitats to support local wildlife that will be enjoyed by both residents and visitors."

– Floods Minister Thérèse Coffey