Shop assistant injured after iron bar attack

The hospital where the victim was treated Credit: ITV Meridian

A shop assistant has been treated for serious cuts and bruises at the Conquest Hospital after being attacked with an iron bar.

Five men, one armed with what appeared to be a gun, targeted a supermarket in the Silverhill area of Hastings.

The men escaped with what is believed to be several hundred pounds in cash.

The incident happened just after 8.30pm on Tuesday 31st January at the supermarket in Sedlecsombe Road North.

The 35-year old male shop assistant was hit in the face with an iron bar.

All of the suspects have been described as black.

The first man to enter the store and who took the cash is described to be in his mid to late twenties, with a full beard and wearing a long green coat with the hood up.

They are believed to have left in a white van which drove away down Paynton Road.