Shoreham air disaster: Final report published

The final report into the Shoreham airshow disaster which killed 11 people has found the plane was travelling 'too low' and 'too slow' before the impact.

It could determine whether pilot Andrew Hill - who survived the crash and has already been questioned by police under caution - should be prosecuted for manslaughter.

Mr Hill, 52, was flying the 1955 Hawker Hunter plane when it plummeted onto the A27 in West Sussex on 22 August 2015.

It crashed in a fireball on the busy A27, hitting vehicles and pedestrians.

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AAIB identify 7 factors in Shoreham Airshow Crash

The scene of the crash in Shoreham in August 2015 Credit: PA

The Air Accident Investigation Branch have identified the following causal factors in the accident:

  • The aircraft did not achieve sufficient height at the apex of the accident manoeuvre to complete it before impacting the ground because the combination of low entry speed and low engine thrust.
  • An escape manoeuvre was not carried out.
  • The pilot either did not perceive that an escape manoeuvre was necessary or it not realise that one was possible.
  • The pilot had not received formal training to escape from the accident manoeuvre in a Hunter and had not had his competent to do so assessed.
  • The pilot had not practised the technique for escaping from the accident manoeuvre in a hunter.
  • A change of ground track during the manoeuvre positioned the aircraft further east than planned producing an exit track along the A2.
  • The manoeuvre took place above an area occupied by the public which the organisers of the flying display had not control.
The plane came down on the A27 in Shoreham, a short distance from the Airshow site Credit: AAIB

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