Rush hour on M25 can last 12 hours a day

A new report for the Government has revealed that the rush hour on the M25 can last from 6am to 6pm. The shocking finding has prompted calls for a solution to the problem of increasing traffic on our roads.

The report looked at key routes in the south east. It found that the chaos on the M25 is having an impact on the region's economy. Among the suggestions for improvement are upgrading roads in certain areas and improving railway services.

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Transport campaigners welcome M25 rush hour report

The M25 rush hour is the subject of a new study

Campaigners working for the improvement of our road networks in sustainable way have welcomed a new report about travelling on the M25, and other routes in the region.

“We welcome the recognition that we cannot simply build our way out of congestion. The M25 study is right to focus on improving capacity on the existing network through moving to more sustainable modes. That makes sense for the environment and the taxpayer too.

“Those measures should be implemented in full before any new roads are planned. New roads create more traffic, and it is wrong to sacrifice precious countryside for more tarmac when positive alternatives are available.”

– Bridget Fox, Sustainable Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport

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