Local Elections round-up for South and South East

Voters in the ITV Meridian region headed to the polls on Thursday for local elections. Voting took place at 88 councils across England, Wales and Scotland until polling stations closed at 10pm.

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Substantial gains for Tories in the west of the region

Credit: ITV Meridian

There have been substantial gains for the Tories in the south west of the region.

Ukip lost all ten seats on Hampshire County Council.

It meant a substantial gain for the Tories - who now have 56 councillors.

Liberal Democrats increased their number by one and Labour lost two, with Ukip losing the lot.

Credit: ITV Meridian

On the Isle of Wight, 10 extra seats for the Conservatives give them an overall majority at the expense of the Independents.

In Dorset, Conservatives retained control although leader Robert Gold lost his seat to the Liberal Democrats.

The Greens now have two seats and Labour lost three of their four councillors.

The Conservatives held on to Wiltshire, taking seats from all other parties.

In West Sussex the Conservatives increased their grip, swamping both the Lib Dems and Labour.

Richard Slee has a full round-up of the results.

Richard spoke to Cllr Keith House Hampshire County Council, Lib Dem and Martin Lyon UKIP.

He also spoke to Cllr Judith Grajewski Hampshire County Council, Con, Jonathan Bacon Former Council Leader and Cllr Louise Goldsmith West Sussex County Council, Con.

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