Police continue search for 'armed and dangerous' prisoner who escaped from hospital

Police in Salisbury are hunting a dangerous prisoner who escaped from guards at Salisbury District Hospital on Tuesday. 30 year old Michal Kisiel was being treated for a head wound when he managed to escape at around 7pm. He is believed to have a razor blade and is considered dangerous. The public are advised not to approach him for their own safety.

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FULL REPORT: 'Armed' prisoner still on the run

The manhunt is continuing to find a violent prisoner who escaped while being treated at Salisbury District Hospital on Tuesday.

Police fear 30 year old Michal Kisiel has a razor blade and are urging the public not to approach him.

Kisiel overpowered the prison guards who were escorting him and escaped at around 7pm.

Mel Bloor was live outside the hospital this evening with the latest on the search for this 'dangerous' prisoner.

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