Cover Up Mate campaign fights skin cancer in men

A new NHS awareness campaign has been launched in the South of England to encourage men who work outdoors to protect themselves from the sun, thereby reducing their risk of contracting skin cancer.

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Skin cancer warning as temperatures soar

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Skin cancer rates for men in the south are among the highest in the country and they're rising.

The NHS has started a campaign to persuade men to protect themselves in the sun. It comes as temperature are set to soar again today.

The warning comes as new research suggests the danger is not confined to the height of summer, following unseasonably good weather in April and May which could have damaged winter-white skin.

The Cover Up, Mate campaign urges men who spend long periods of time outdoors to protect themselves against the sun. Farmers, builders, sportsmen and gardeners are all being targeted by NHS England South's "Cover Up, Mate" campaign because of their prolonged exposure to the sun.

Stephen Walsh is a Skin Cancer Specialist...

UV levels are usually highest between May and September, when there is often less ozone high up in the atmosphere to absorb the UV. Clouds don't always stop UV rays, and unlike the sun's warmth, it's difficult to know when they may be harming you. Burning just once every two years can triple your risk of skin cancer. So it's important to keep an eye on our UV forecast so you know when it's essential to protect your skin and eyes from damage.

– Met Office spokeswoman Penny Tranter

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