Rocky the parrot is a very clever boy, then!

Meet Rocky. Here he is. Looking bright and perky at his home in Gillingham.

And you see, Rocky is a really a rather special parrot. That's because when a burglar got into the home of his owners, Peter and Trudy, Rocky flew into action.

When the burglar tried to steal him, the plucky grey struck back. He bit the burglar, drawing blood. The burglar made off with a haul of £1,500 worth of goods from Peter and Trudy, but he left a spot of his blood behind.

That little speck of blood was enough to track down the burglar. He was caught and jailed. And Rocky, meanwhile, is the hero of the hour. He's back on his diet of sunflower seeds, millet and oats. And looking forward to another 20 years of preening - and crimefighting - in the Medway Towns.