Nurseries say they face closure under new scheme

Thousands of families in Kent and Sussex started receiving extra help with childcare costs this week as part of a new government initiative. Doubling the number of free hours from 15 to 30 for the working parents of three and four year olds is certainly going down well at nurseries like this one. The government says it will save parents up to £5,000 a year.

Yet the new policy has hit criticism and controversy before it even begins in earnest. Many nurseries and childminders say it's not adequately funded.

One nursery owner says she's had to close down because the sums don't add up. Along with many others she's calling for the government to think again - and says they're misleading parents about the scheme.

Our Social Affairs Correspondent Christine Alsford talked to Eve Wort, former nursery owner; Neil Leitch, Pre-school Learning Alliance; and Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director, Tops Day Nurseries.