Police warning after pensioners are conned

Credit: ITV

Three elderly people have been targeted in East Sussex by people claiming to be from a water company.

On 7 September in Eastbourne an 87-year-old woman answered the door at Colwood Crescent home to a man claiming to be from the water board. He said he needed to check her water and, without asking, came into her home. She felt suspicious and went to get help but he ran past her from the house with two handbags. They were found nearby with cash missing.

On 9 September a 78-year-old answered the door to a man in Avard Crescent and said the waste pipe was blocked. He pushed his way into the flat. He went from room to room and left with a handbag which contained money and a birth certificate.

On 13 September an 87-year-old answered the door to her home in Summerheath Road, Hailsham to a man claiming to be from the water board. She asked for ID but claimed it was soaking wet and in another jacket. He claimed there was a blockage at her address which he needed to check. She let him in and he asked her to turn on the tap in the bathroom. She did and as she returned he was leaving with her handbag. She tried to stop him but he pushed her to the floor and she hit her head.

Detective constable Karen Colbran said: "We are looking at these incidents, and believe they may have all been connected. We also believe they may be connected to an incident occurred on Monday, 4 September in Newgate Road, St Leonards.

"We have a description of the man in Summerheath Road. He is white, about 50, clean shaven with a northern accent. He was wearing a quilted blue jacket and a black baseball cap."