Hundreds of South Western Railway trains are late

Hundreds of services are late every day Credit: ITV

New figures obtained by ITV News reveal the extent of the recent, and according to passengers, ongoing chaos at Waterloo and the rest of the South Western Railway network. Almost half of the 1,700 services on key routes are late every day on average.

Passengers have renamed the company "South Western Fail."

Just 55.9 per cent were to time according to the latest official data that measures arrivals. The figures are the first, showing how the new SWR has performed in its first month of operation.

Now the RMT has voted for strike action in protest at Driver-Only Operated trains and set to add to the chaos. SWR insist it has "no plans" to axe staff.

It's been revealed SWR is now being forced to pay record levels of compensation with some receiving well over £1,000 refunds.