Police issue warning over fake £50 notes

Police are warning businesses to beware of a number of fake £50 notes, circulating on the Isle of Wight.

The fake notes are circulating on the Isle of Wight Credit: Hants Police

Police have received eight reports since the start of October at locations including: Niton, East Cowes, Rookley, Carisbrooke, and Bembridge.

The notes are described as poor quality and can be identified by checking the following:

  • All fake notes bear the same serial number AJ65238105
  • The edges to the coloured portions of the notes don’t look defined and smudge in places
  • The notes bear no water marks of holograms
  • According to the victims they claim the notes feel ‘too thick’
  • The notes look like they have been printed on a home computer
The notes all have the same serial number Credit: Hants Police

Those tendering them have been men aged in their late teens to early 30s using either intimidating behaviour or distraction techniques to prevent shop workers from checking notes properly .

They usually buy something of low value, and offer the note in payment getting back the change in real currency.