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Protect the protectors - helping police victims of assault

Every year hundreds of police officers in our region are assaulted while on duty. Some suffer serious injuries, others are left with mental scars.

Now, Sussex Police has launched a new plan to make sure that staff who are victims of violence get the same help as members of the public.

Malcolm Shaw has been speaking to one PC who feared for her life when she was beaten up.

15 years on - search resumes for murder victim's body

The girlfriend of a Sussex student murdered in Australia fifteen years ago has returned there to try to find his body.

Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees, who lived together in Brighton, were exploring the Outback when Peter was shot dead.

His killer, Bradley John Murdoch, tried to abduct Joanne but she escaped. Peter's body has never been found, as Malcolm Shaw reports.



Could a lie-in help children do better at school?

The idea's not new, but more and more schools are considering plans to put back the school day.

Instead of the nine o'clock bell, the idea is to give students an extra hour in bed which will hopefully make them more productive in lessons when they do arrive in the classroom.

Children - teenagers specifically - apparently have different body clocks which is why one school in Hove has plans for a later start, and a later finish, as Malcolm Shaw reports.

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