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Gatwick on alert as Heathrow's third runway bid slammed by report

Heathrow or Gatwick? Most experts think the Government will finally make its decision on airport expansion this month - and most think David Cameron will go for Heathrow.

But bosses at Gatwick, still sure their airport is the better option, were thrown a last minute boost today, when a report said Heathrow's third runway shouldn't be approved unless it meets key environmental conditions.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Alistair McDermid of Gatwick Airport, Sally Pavey of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, and Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Chairman of Environmental Audit Select Committee.

Don't fall victim to phone fraud, warns Sussex Police

A court has been hearing how a gang of fraudsters targeted a vulnerable pensioner in Sussex and tried to trick him out of four thousand pounds.

He withdrew the money from his bank, but his wife became suspicious and called the police.

Today, the man who acted as the courier, sent to collect the cash, was jailed for eight months.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Jeff Green, the victim of the scam, and DC James Gwynne of Sussex Police.


Having a blast - the history of Brighton's big nights out

Brighton prides itself on being one of the best places in the country to enjoy a great night out. And it seems there's nothing new about that.

A project called "Having A Blast" has compiled an oral history of the city's entertainment industry. Now, the remarkable recordings can be heard at some of the venues themselves.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Jacob Engelberg, Duke of York's Cinema, Chris Taylor, New Writing South, Connor Robins, who conducted some of the interviews, and Frank Flood, who contributed his memories to the project.

All next week: watch our reports from remote island of St Helena

Richard Jones reports from St Helena Credit: ITV News Meridian

It's a remote British island, now moving with the times in the 21st Century.

For 500 years the tiny speck in the South Atlantic could only be reached by sea. Now an airport is about to open, welcoming St Helena to the world. All next week Richard Jones will be sending special reports from this fascinating British territory - home for Napoleon after his exile there.

Should we bomb Isis targets in Syria?

Should we join France, America and Russia - and bomb Isis targets in Syria? That's what MPs must decide in a commons vote, expected next week.

David Cameron set out his reasons why we should - saying it's 'in the national interest'.

So what's the thinking from some of the South's MPs? Our Political correspondent Phil Hornby has been finding out.

Appearing are: JULIAN LEWIS MP New Forest East, Con RICHARD DRAX MP South Dorset, Con CAROLINE LUCAS MP Brighton Pavilion, Green FLICK DRUMMOND MP Portsmouth South, Con

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Have your say: chance to comment on development plans for former Manston Airport

The owners of the former Manston airport site have confirmed today that they will be seeking outline planning permission for their billion pound development plans within the next five months. They say the development is crucial for the social and economic future of Thanet. A round of public consultations next week will reveal options for the layout of the site. And as our reporter Sarah Saunders found out, even the name of the new development will be up for discussion.


  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

New location revealed for Operation Stack lorry park

A big handout from the Treasury means the misery caused by Operation Stack could be at an end.

Today, Chancellor George Osborne announced a quarter-of-a-billion pound investment to relieve the problem.

ITV Meridian has learnt that land at Junction 11 of the M20 is the preferred option for a 4,000 vehicle lorry park.

Sarah Saunders reports.

  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

VIDEO: A month until Christmas. The pickpockets are ready - are you?

It's a month until Christmas and thoughts will be turning to picking out the perfect presents - but shoppers beware.

Pickpockets and bag snatchers will be joining in with the Christmas rush as people flock to the shops.

Sarah Saunders has been taking a look at CCTV released by police to highlight what we need to look out for.

One in four people with HIV 'don't know they have it' - full report

One in four people with HIV don't know they have it and are running the risk of passing the disease on to other people - that's according to a new report.

On 'National HIV Testing Week' figures reveal Brighton continues to have the highest rate of infections in the country, outside London, with numbers way beyond the national average.

Andy Dickenson meets one man diagnosed with HIV who is taking his message into local schools and colleges.

Andy speaks to Carl Churchman and Sue Riley of Positive Voices, and Ben Shelley and Kimberly Kabuchi from Terrence Higgins Trust.

Marching united against terror

In a united front against terrorism people of all faiths were brought together in Berkshire today in light of the recent events in Paris.

One hundred and twenty nine people were killed when gunmen opened fire and set off bombs across the city last Friday.

The message as they marched silently through Newbury, that hatred will not divide. Mel Bloor reports.

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