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Parliament delays Lucas's bid to renationalise the rail service

She's one of many Sussex commuters fed up with the standards of service of our trains but she has a bit more clout than the average commuter - and today she set about using it.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, has launched a Parliamentary Bill proposing the renationalisation of the rail network. She says it would reduce fares, improve punctuality and save taxpayers a billion pounds a year. Andy Dickenson reports.

The Department for Transport have now issued a statement for this report.

They said: "We are determined to make journeys better and it is unacceptable that customers are not always receiving the service they deserve.

"We believe that franchising provides the best way to improve services and closely monitor the performance of all train companies - and offer them incentives to meet targets."

EXCLUSIVE: Shoreham Airshow organisers speak about crash for first time

Families and friends of those killed during last summer's Shoreham Airshow disaster have welcomed news this year's event has been cancelled.

Eleven men lost their lives when a Hawker Hunter jet crashed onto the A27. The plane's pilot survived and has since been interviewed under police caution.

Speaking for the first time, the airshow organisers told ITV Meridian they are still coming to terms with what happened - but are hopeful the airshow will one day return.

Andy Dickenson reports. He speaks to Colin Baker, Shoreham Airshow director, and Stevie Johnson, friend of Matt Jones.


'Collect your medication' alert can improve health

Text alerts can help reduce people's blood pressure Credit: PA

Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered that text message reminders for medicine can help reduce people's blood pressure.

Working in partnership with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, they looked at whether reminders for blood pressure treatment would work in a deprived community. They found that people living in a poor area of Cape Town who received alerts to pick up their medication were able to manage their condition more effectively.

Last minute relief for diver charged with Maltese deaths

A scuba diver from Sussex has spoken of his "enormous relief" after being told charges have been dropped against him over the death of his girlfriend and another friend in Malta.

Stephen Martin was diving off the island of Gozo, in the Mediterranean Sea, when two of the team ran into trouble.

Mr Martin, who was the most senior member of the team, was charged by the Maltese authorities with the deaths even though an inquest in the UK found they were accidental. Andy Dickenson reports.


Fred Dinenage in space! (sort of)

Astronaut Tim Peake has been in space for nearly a month and on Friday he will make his first spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

But you may recall that just before Christmas our very own Fred was privileged enough to visit the European Space Agency - and have a word with Tim just after he landed on the ISS.

While he was there, Fred had a good look around the training facility that Tim himself used to prepare for his six month mission - and even grabbed hold of the controls!

Here's the first of two special reports where Fred also speaks to Jules Grandsire of the ESA, Dr Rudiger Seine, head of training, bio-medical engineer Jennifer Struble and Eurocom's Andy Orth.

Dinosaur game leaves black hole in dad's bank account

A father from Sussex is calling on the technology giant Apple to tighten up its safeguards after his son ran up a bill of almost four thousand pounds online.

Seven year old Faisal Shugaa from Crawley had been playing a video game on his father's iPad.

Apple has agreed to refund the money, and says its software lets parents control how much their children spend.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Faisal and his father Mohamed, and technology expert Ian Dunton.

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