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Following in the footsteps of desperate refugees

The plight of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe had such an effect on Paul Barrett from Kent - he's decided to walk from Budapest to Vienna. He saw, first hand, people, who'd escaped their war-torn homes, had risked everything. Paul will take on the two hundred and seventy four kilometre challenge to raise awareness and funds for Kent Refugee Action Network. Andrea Thomas reports.

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'We feel crushed' American wife and mother told to leave UK under new immigration rules

They're being affected by a law that "wasn't meant for them". That's the view of Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell after strict new immigration rules look to force a family apart.

Dominic and Katy James have been married for ten years and have a two-year-old baby - but Katy is American and was told on Saturday she could be deported. Andy Dickenson reports.

Quadrophenia spin-off to thrill 'next generation'

Brighton has been the backdrop for many a film and television drama over the years, and now another is on the way.

A spin-off to the cult classic, Quadrophenia, is being planned, telling the story of a young boy who is bullied for being different.

As Charlotte Wilkins reports, it will feature some of the original cast. She speaks to director Devlin Crow, Kennedy Crow, and actor Mark Wingett.

Triplet mother's anguish in fight to care for disabled baby

It's heartbreaking. That's the reaction of the mother of triplets, one of whom has suffered 'catastrophic' brain injuries, after being told she doesn't qualify for extra National Health Service support.

Baby Essie Cobbett is unlikely to live beyond two years and remains in hospital tonight. Her parents are frustrated by bureaucracy and financial constraints they say are stopping the NHS from giving them the help they need.

Healthcare officials insist the nine-week-old child does qualify for care in the home, but Lorna Cobbett says it's not enough. Andy Dickenson reports and we also hear from Keith Reed of the Twins and Multiple Births Association.


New play explores the highs and lows of living with autism

This week is Autism Awareness Week, and a young playwright from Sussex has drawn on the experiences of his own family to explore the condition.

Tom Page, who's 19 and from Eastbourne, has an older brother Ben who's autistic.

Now, the teenager has written a powerful drama which will be performed at this year's Brighton Fringe.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Tom, and to Tim Marriott, Director of Drama at Eastbourne College.

Unknown WWI Kent soldier to be buried in Belgium

The unknown soldier's remains were found in Belgium

Preparations are underway to bury a soldier from Kent whose remains were discovered next to a First World War battlefield in Belgium. The soldier was killed in 1915 and although his identity is not yet known he is to be given a military funeral tomorrow with full regimental honours. Our correspondent Derek Johnson sent this report from the town of Ypres.

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