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Petrol prices: what's the outlook?

Like the stuff itself, petrol and diesel prices are volatile. And whether you drive or not, your life is affected by them. When the cost of a litre started to skyrocket some years ago, freight organisations and drivers groups said it couldn't go on.

Well it hasn't - and much to many people's surprise, petrol's almost below a pound a litre - and according to the boss of Shell, prices will stay low for months. But what does this mean for companies, and consumers, around the south-east? David Johns has been finding out.

Bereaved family starts campaign to change Australian driving laws

The family and friends of a twenty-two year old backpacker, who was killed in a car crash in Australia, have started a campaign to change the driving laws there. Jade Fox, from Maidstone, was a passenger in a four-by-four vehicle being driven by a 19 year old tourist on Fraser Island. Jade's family say the driver was too young to cope with the sandy terrain. Jade's friends and family are now starting a petition to ban people under 25 from driving on Fraser Island. Andrea Thomas has this report. She spoke to Jade's sister Amy and her friend Remmi Sexton.


Child exploitation trial hears from "victim"

A fourteen year old girl has told a court how she was drugged and sold for sex at fast-food outlets in Kent by an Eastern European gang.

She's the key prosecution witness at the trial of three men and two women facing 19 charges including rape and causing child exploitation.

The trial follows a series of police raids across the south-east in an operation led by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate. From Canterbury Crown Court, David Johns reports.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Sandwich to boost from ancient text

Eight hundred years ago, the most important document in the country's legal history was signed.

That document was Magna Carta, and a handful of copies were made in the years afterwards.

Now one of those copies has been found in the Kent History Centre and David Johns has been to see it:

Interviewees: Sir Robert Worcester of the Magna Carta Trust, the mayor of Sandwich, Paul Graeme, and archivist Mark Bateson.


Meeting of the Queens at Long Beach

The two liners docked in California Credit: ITV

Thousands of people have turned out at Long Beach in California to see Southampton's Queen Elizabeth dock next to the original Queen Mary, which was also based in the south coast port.

It is the first time a Cunard ship has visited Long Beach since Queen Mary was retired in 1967 after thirty years of service.

The meeting is part of Cunard's 175th anniversary Credit: ITV Meridian

The visit is part of world wide celebrations to mark Cunard's 175th anniversary and included a special fireworks display.

Queen Mary was one of the best loved passenger ships of all time and is now a hotel and conference centre. Hundreds of thousands packed the Southampton waterfront to see her final departure.

She carried millions of people between Southampton and the USA.

£10 million Magna Carta found hidden in town's archives

There are only four copies of the Magna Carta known to exist Credit: PA

An edition of the Magna Carta which could be worth up to £10 million has been found after it lay forgotten in a council's archives.

The discovery of the version of the historical parchment which established the principle of the rule of law, in the files of the history department of Kent County Council, has been described as an important historical find by an expert.

The document was found in the archives kept in Maidstone but belonging to the town of Sandwich.

The discovery was made at the Kent History and Library centre Credit: KCC

It's understood the document, which is the Charter of Forest, was found in a Victorian scrap book.

The discovery was made by archivist Dr Mark Bateson at the end of December just before the 800th anniversary year celebrations of King John's concession.

"It is a fantastic discovery which comes in the week that the four other known versions were brought together at the Houses of Parliament.

"It is a fantastic piece of news for Sandwich which puts it in a small category of towns and institutions that own a 1300 issue."

– Professor Nicholas Vincent, who authenticated the document
The Salisbury Magna Carta, one of only four 1215 originals Credit: PA

It is understood that Sandwich does not intend to sell its Magna Carta but instead is hoping to benefit from its potential as a tourist attraction.

Endangered African painted dog pups make debut at Port Lympne

Keepers at Port Lympne Animal Reserve in Kent are celebrating as not one, but three litters of endangered African painted dog puppies have made their public debut.

It's thought less than 3000 of this breed, which is most commonly found in Southern Africa, now remain in the wild.

The birth of these pups, who are now three months old and a mix of males and females, takes the number of African painted dogs at the Reserve, near Ashford, to a staggering 43.

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