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Children reach out to refugees with messages of hope

Few of us can forget those haunting images of migrants, clinging to overcrowded boats, risking their lives to escape persecution.

But how should we respond to their pleas for help?

That's a question which children at a primary school in Sussex have been exploring, using the ancient art of Origami, or paper folding.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Bern O'Donaghue of Refugees Crossing, Alex Ntung from Migrant Help UK, and Susannah Singh of Christ Church CE Primary School, St Leonards.


Putting the Palace back into Brighton Pier

One of the South Coast's most famous landmarks is to be renamed. Originally known as the Palace Pier, it was rebranded in 2000 by the previous owners, despite a lot of local opposition.

Now, the new management have decided on a compromise.

From today, the Grade 2* listed structure will be known as the Brighton Palace Pier.

Malcolm Shaw spoke to Anne Martin, the pier's Managing Director, Finn Scott-Delany, Business Editor of The Argus, and Cllr Alan Robbins of Brighton & Hove City Council.

'We're very sad and angry' Quest for answers a year after son's Mexico death

A year ago this week George van Day, a 26 year old from Brighton, died following an attack in Mexico.

Ever since his parents have been desperately trying to find out what happened to their son, who suffered from Asperger's Syndrome.

A coroner in the UK found that George died as a 'direct result of an assault' - but his father says he's disgusted by the lack of effort from authorities to track down his killers. Andy Dickenson reports.


  1. Derek Johnson

Somme 100: China's forgotten army

On Friday, July 1 we mark 100 years since The Somme - one of the deadliest battles in British history.

Like the rest of the war it could not have been fought without troops from India, the West Indies and other Empire countries.

But a crucial role was played in the Great War by other men from overseas who came together because so many British soldiers were killed at The Somme - the Chinese Labour Corps.

We speak to Steve Lau from the Ensuring We Remember campaign and to Wenlan Peng from the Meridian Society.

The Meridian Society promotes Chinese culture with the aim of fostering better understanding between people of Chinese origin and those from other ethnic backgrounds, both in the UK and worldwide.

  1. Derek Johnson

Somme 100: Crater of war, symbol of peace

They called it The Big Push.

The Somme in 1916 was designed to be a decisive breakthrough in the First World War but was instead a costly failure.

On Friday July 1 we mark 100 years since the start of the battle. It began after a series of mines were detonated, the signal for soldiers to go over the top.

One of the explosions left a huge crater which a century on has become the focus of remembrance and reflection.

We speak to: Lochnagar Crater owner Richard Dunning and historian Alex Churchill, author of Somme: 141 Days, 141 Lives. Also to Michael Fellows and Richard Frankish, whose fathers fought on The Somme.

EU Referendum result could delay runway decision

EU referendum result could delay runway decision Credit: ITV News Meridian

There's a warning the Brexit vote could delay a decision on expansion at Gatwick Airport. Campaigners say the Prime Minister's resignation may well stall plans to make an announcement early next month.

It was previously suggested that ministers could announce a decision on whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick before the summer Parliamentary break at the end of July.

But David Cameron's announcement that he will step down by October following the Brexit vote could mean a further delay in the process.

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