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Friend: 'Yacht attack a tragic end to lifetime adventure'

A former colleague and personal friend of Margaret Pratt who was injured when her husband killed on board their yacht in St Lucia, has said the incident is a tragic end to what should have been a lifetime adventure for the couple.

Danny Fisher - Chair of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, said that Margaret, who was the former Director of Finance for the trust, had done a lot for the organisation a period of change. She had joined the company in 2006. He said they were a 'great couple' who loved sailing.

Mrs Pratt is being treated for her injuries in the Caribbean. Three people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

Sister's touching tribute to 'hero brother' killed by bomb

The sister of the Labour MEP candidate Del Singh from Southampton, has paid tribute to her brother after he was killed in Afghanistan at the weekend. Mr Singh was one of 21 victims who died in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul.

His sister, Dishi Phangura, said: "In my eyes my brother was my hero. He was invincible.". She said she would work towards keeping his legacy alive.


Former colleagues on Isle of Wight respond to tragic attack on couple sailing around the world

The former work colleagues of a woman who was injured in an attack in which her husband was killed, have spoken of their shock at the news.

Margaret Pratt's husband Ian was murdered on board their boat in St Lucia at the weekend. The couple were sailing around the world. She is the former Chief Executive of St Mary's Hospital on Isle of Wight.

"This is dreadful and shocking news. Margaret is an inspirational leader and great to work with. She worked on the Isle of Wight for the Primary Care Trust for two periods - as interim Director of Finance in 2005/2006 and as interim CEO for 9 months in 2008. Our deepest condolences go to Margaret and her family."

– Chris Palmer, Director of Finance at Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Saving sharks in Oz: Planned cull sparked outrage

Staff at the Brighton Sea Life Centre are outraged at plans in Australia to cull sharks, in an attempt to improve safety for beach goers.

The Government of Western Australia has announced the multi-million dollar plan, which includes setting baited hooks off beaches around Perth.

After seven fatal shark attacks in three years, the cull has not gone down well around the world.

The curator at the Sea Life Centre, Carey Duckhouse said:

Apart from the fact that many shark species are already on the brink of extinction due to over fishing and decades of persecution, the proposed solution to Perth's shark-attack problem is more likely to exacerbate than to solve it.

They want to attach lines and baited hooks to drums a mile off-shore and pay commercial fishermen to patrol them and kill any captured shark over three metres long.

That could include Great Whites, which are a protected species and in sharp decline, as well as species like Tiger and Bull sharks.

– Carey Duckhouse, Curator at Brighton Sea Life Centre

Anyone who would like to register their opposition to the proposed cull can do so by clicking here.

Titanic replica to give people feeling of sinking on ship

People will be given the chance to experience what it would have been like when the Titanic sank, with a full size replica being built in a Chinese theme park.

The latest 6D technology will be used to recreate the sinking feeling, along with water rushing in and the ship breaking.

Around £100 million will be spent on creating the replica, which could spark rows with families of the thousands that died, including the 500 people from Southampton.

It will be built along the Qi river in central Sichuan, with construction being completed by 2016.

The Titanic replica in China will recreate what it would have felt like to be on the ship when it was sinking Credit: Press Association

HMS Atherstone working alongside allies in the Gulf

HMS Atherston's new crew started their latest Bahrain-based deployment with a joint Royal Navy and US Navy Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMV) exercise which practiced the ships ability to work with allies in the Gulf.

HMS Atherstone Credit: Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander Andy Smith, Royal Navy Commanding Officer, Crew 2 and HMS Atherstone said, "The conditions in the Gulf present some of the most testing in the world for Mine Counter Measure operations.

"By developing our techniques and procedures across a broad environmental spectrum and by co-operating with our allies in the region we can be sure we’re ready to protect our nation’s interests, anywhere, anytime.”

Crew member on board HMS Atherstone Credit: Royal Navy



Four dead as plane flying from UK to Germany crashes

Four people are believed to have died when a jet from England crashed in Germany, police said.

The small plane came down at lunchtime at a rubbish site near the city of Trier.

Trier is located in western Germany around 30 miles from Luxembourg. Credit: Google Maps

Police said the plane appeared to be a Cessna Citation business jet carrying two pilots and two passengers from England to an airfield at Foehren, near the crash site. All on board appeared to have died.

The aircraft damaged an electricity pylon as it came down and was ablaze when firefighters arrived at the scene.

There was no immediate word on a possible cause for the crash or the identity of the people aboard.

Gang of sex traffickers jailed for 'repugnant crimes'

by Malcolm Shaw

The members of a criminal gang which brought women from Hungary into the UK to work as prostitutes have been jailed for a total of twenty-two years. The four men and one woman ran a highly-organised conspiracy for two years, making huge sums of money.

The traffickers co-erced their victims to work out of locations including hotels at Gatwick and a student flat at Sussex University. Malcolm Shaw reports.

The interviewees are David Fairclough, Home Office and Detective Sergeant Glenn Taylor from Sussex Police.

Gang jailed for trafficking women

Five people were jailed for trafficking women into the UK Credit: Home Office

A gang that trafficked dozens of Hungarian women into the country to work as prostitutes has been jailed for a total of 23 years.

Hove Crown Court heard that Victoria Brown, Mate Puskas, Zoltan Mohacsi and brothers Peter and Istvan Toth trafficked more than 600 women.

The gang were convicted following a ten-week trial at Hove Crown Court.

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