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Astronauts are back on earth: #WelcomeHomeTim


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Watch live as Tim Peake lands back on earth

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Live video is following Tim Peake's spacecraft as he returns to earth after six months in space.

The Soyuz spacecraft has begun its decent back into the atmosphere in a dramatic trip that will see the capsule shoot through searing temperatures as it re-enters the earth atmosphere before landing at 10.15 am BST.

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Expectation builds at Tim Peake landing site

Excitement is building among those waiting to witness Tim Peake's landing back onto earth in a remote section of Kazakhstan.

ITV New correspondent Dan Rivers is among the waiting journalists ready to capture his arrival.

Meanwhile, thousands of well-wishers have sent the hashtag #WelcomehomeTim trending on Twitter.

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Ambulances arrive ahead of Tim Peake's landing

Three ambulances have arrived at Karaganda airbase in Kazakhstan ahead of Tim Peake's landing at 10.15 BST.

ITV News Science and Health Producer Patrick Russell tweeted:

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Peake's spacecraft separates into three for landing

A Soyuz rocket on another return journey to earth in March this year Credit: Reuters

Tim Peake's spacecraft has separated into three sections as it prepares for the final descent for a landing in 15 minutes.

The split will help the capsule withstand searing heats as it re-enters the earth's atmosphere before a parachute descent onto a remote section of the Kazakh steppe.


Major Tim Peake returns to Earth

Major Tim Peake is returning to Earth Credit: ITV

Having spent 186 six days in orbit, Major Tim Peake is due to return to Earth today.

The astronaut from Westbourne, near Chichester, leaves the International Space Station to land in Kazakhstan this morning. He will see his family for the first time in six months.

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