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Police promise "robust" reviews of Robert Trigg case

Sussex Police says it's commissioned three reviews into way it handled the case of killer Robert Trigg.

The 52 year old is beginning a life sentence for the murder of one of his former partners and the manslaughter of another.

Trigg was convicted only after the family of Susan Nicholson launched their own investigation.

They say they want a truly independent review of what went wrong, as Malcolm Shaw reports.

Veteran remembers the Battle of Britain's fallen

Wing Commander Paul Farnes at The Wing on Sunday Credit: ITV News Meridian

It is more than three quarters of a century since the RAF took on the might of the Luftwaffe in the skies over Dover.

But time has not diminished the significance of that battle nor the desire of recent generations to pay homage to those who did so much to keep our island free.

At the weekend, once again, crowds gathered to pay respects to those who took part in the Battle of Britain.

From Capel le Ferne, Jenna Verdicchio reports.

Jenna spoke to Richard Hunting, Chairman of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and Bridie Wakeford, Cadet Warrant Officer.


Tower block residents praised by fire chief

Residents have been praised for their actions after a high-rise blaze on the top floor of a Southampton tower block.

The blaze was caused by a wok containing oil being left on the hob unattended on the 15th-floor of Albion Towers.

Fire chief Tom Simms said the stay put policy and the way people followed the emergency plan helped ensure their safety and enabled crews to tackle the fire.

Fifty firefighters with specialist support vehicles, including an Aerial Ladder Platform, tackled the fire and helped people to safety

A small number of people from the top floor left the block assisted by firefighters in accordance with the emergency plan, but they are now back in their homes.

Albion Towers where fire broke out Credit: Hampshire fire and rescue

I would like to commend the actions of the residents who did exactly the right thing, stayed calm and followed the stay put emergency plan put in place by the building owner.

Their actions really helped us to fight this fire quickly and effectively and the stay put policy worked exactly as it should. This shows how important it is to make sure you know the emergency plan of your building.

Both the fire and the building behaved as we expected.

I would also like to thank the crews involved for their hard work, dedication and professionalism in dealing with this incident and keeping residents safe.

– Fire chief Tom Simms

Neighbours heard the smoke alarms sound and looked through the letterbox of the flat on fire. They then called 999.

Albion Towers is currently in the process of having a sprinkler system retro-fitted to give residents an extra level of protection.

Other tower blocks owned by Southampton City Council are also due to have systems installed.


Stalking victims not given enough protection by police

Now, they live in fear, are forced to move homes or jobs, and face menacing threats.Yet people who've been stalked or harassed are still being let down by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Those are the findings of a new report after six police forces were inspected, including Hampshire and Sussex. It follows several high profile cases - including that of teenager Shana Grice from Brighton, who was murdered by a stalker.

For information about the help available to victims of domestic abuse, visit Refuge's website

Woman waives right to anonymity to help catch knifepoint rapist

A woman has waived her right to anonymity to help catch the man who put a knife to her throat before raping her 35 years ago.

Dawn Clark who was 15 at the time, and then known as Dawn Bridgeman, was attacked as she walked home across a Common in Poole, Dorse

He asked me if I knew what time the Yellow Bus was due and what the time was. I told him it was 9.20pm.

I carried on walking and then all of a sudden he was behind me. He put his arm around my neck and had a knife in his hand holding it against my throat.

I managed to push away and run but it was quite sandy and he caught me again and put the knife around my neck and told me if I didn’t want to get hurt I had to be quiet.

He took me into the wooded area that was there and on the way through he picked up a couple of carrier bags and told me if I wanted to live I had to be quiet and do what he was telling me to do.

He carried on walking to the area where he physically attacked me.”

– Dawn Clark

A full investigation was launched by Dorset Police following the incident and an e-fit of the suspect was issued to the local media. The crime has been regularly reviewed but, despite repeated efforts, he has not been identified.

I was 15 at the time and from that day on things just came to a standstill. It really changed my attitude towards men. It changed my attitude towards trusting anybody.

I feel like I am stuck in a rut all the time. I just feel like he has turned my world upside down. He’s changed my life. He’s changed other people’s lives. He’s made it hard for me to maintain a normal relationship without someone suffering at the other end.

I need justice. I need him to hand himself in or to be caught. Someone must know him. All these years later we have the DNA of the man who did this to me.

If you’ve got any doubts or any clues about this or have been hiding it because you feel loyal to someone – just phone the police and do the right thing. If you are in any doubt, please come forward as the police can eliminate people very easily.

I have spoken about this every day of my life. I can’t move on and live a normal life until he has been caught.

– Dawn Clark
E-fit of attacker Credit: Dorset Police

In a renewed bid to solve the crime, detectives are reissuing the e-fit. The appeal also featured on the BBC Crimewatch Roadshow today, Wednesday 5 July 2017.

The officer leading the investigation firmly believes someone knows the identity of the suspect and he is urging anyone who recognises the man to contact them or the anonymous Crimestoppers number.

Detective Inspector Neil Phillips, of Dorset Police’s Major Crime Investigation Team Credit: Dorset Police

Even though some 35 years may have passed we have never given up hope that we will find the man responsible for this horrific crime.

The e-fit is black and white which is how they were produced in the 1980s. Dawn said this is a good likeness of the offender and I would urge anyone who knows who this man is to please call us.

We have a DNA sample of the offender so eliminating potential suspects is a very quick and easy process. We regularly carry out checks against the national police database so it would appear that the suspect has never come to our attention before.

I am convinced that someone knows who was responsible for this crime and I would urge them to contact us or Crimestoppers anonymously. You may have suspected them at the time and chosen not come forward. Now is the time to do the right thing.

To remind people – Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister, Ronald Reagan was the American President and the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano was sunk by the British submarine Conqueror in the Falklands War the day before the attack. Princess Anne visited the new Bournemouth and Poole College that week as well.

The man responsible for this crime will now be aged in his 60s and has probably moved on with his life but due to his wicked actions Dawn cannot.

– Detective Inspector Neil Phillips

At around 8.45pm on the day of the offence, which was the early May bank holiday, Dawn left her friend’s home in Northmere Drive to walk home with another friend.

Dawn and her friend parted company at a footpath in St Brelades Avenue, which leads onto a piece of common land and the subway under Ringwood Road. As she reached the common, Dawn saw a man she did not recognise. It was here he attacked.

Map of area of rape Credit: Dorset police

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at, via email or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55160162337. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111

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