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Under-34s have 'worst economic prospects in years'

People under the age of 34 have the worst economic prospects for several generations, a new report has claimed - hit by falls in income and employment, less access to good housing and jobs and deepening poverty.

Young people have been hit hardest, the report found Credit: PA

Research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that young people faced the biggest drop across the board, and now face bigger barriers to achieving economic success than they did five years ago.

The negative impact of being poor was much greater for white people than ethnic groups, the report added, with white boys from poor families suffering a combination of disadvantages.

TUC union general secretary Frances O'Grady urged the government to take action.

This report should be wake-up call to ministers. Hiking up university and college fees and excluding young people from the new higher minimum wage rate is not the way to build a fair and prosperous Britain. It is the blueprint for a lost generation.

Without better employment and training opportunities many young people will continue to be shut out of the recovery.

– Frances O'Grady, TUC
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