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PM condemns Labour 'chaos and confusion' on non-doms

David Cameron has attacked what he calls the "chaos and confusion" of Labour's message over non-doms, and says the Conservatives have "done more than any other government" to crack down on tax-dodging.

He claimed Ed Miliband's party was "one minute saying they would scrap the status, the next minute saying it would cost the country money".

Speaking during a campaign visit in Bolton today, the Prime Minister said: "Frankly this goes to a bigger picture - if these people can't even sort out one policy, how on earth could we trust them to run our economy?"

Ed Balls: Tories edited my non-dom interview

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has claimed that a January video where he appeared to suggest that scrapping non-dom status could cost the UK money was edited by the Conservative Party.

He tweeted:

Ed Miliband announced Labour's pledge to scrap the controversial status in a speech this morning.


Ed Miliband: Non-dom status is a failure of all parties

Ed Miliband has described Britain's non-domiciled tax status as a "failure of governments of all parties."

Announcing Labour's pledge to scrap the controversial status if the party comes to power in a speech this morning, Mr Miliband likened the UK to an "offshore tax haven" for allowing some of its wealthiest individuals to escape tax on earnings they make abroad.

He told an audience at the University of Warwick that while he did not blame individuals who take advantage of the rules, "most other countries will think it is bizarre that we continue with a practice that started in the days of the British Empire".

"It holds Britain back" - watch part of Ed Miliband's speech:

Osborne: Labour's 'non-dom plans a total shambles'

George Osborne has dismissed Labour's 'non-dom' plan as "a total shambles".

ITV News Westminster Producer Adam Smith reports:

If you look at what Ed Miliband has announced today, it is a total shambles. Within hours the policy has unravelled. You have Ed Balls himself saying it would cost the country money and when you look at the small print it's clear that a majority of non-doms wouldn't be effected at all.

– George Osborne

Ed Balls in January: Abolishing non-dom status would cost UK money

Ed Balls gave an interview in January in which he said scrapping the non-dom tax status would "probably cost Britain money".

Ed Balls said in January that he thought it would cost the UK more in the long run to abolish non-dom status Credit: PA

The video of the interview was posted on BBC Radio Leeds' Facebook page at the time and is circulating again today, ahead of Ed Miliband's speech formally announcing Labour's policy.

It shows the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer contradicting his party's pledge to abolish the controversial tax status.

I think if you abolish the whole status then probably it ends up costing Britain money because some people then leave the country but I think we can be tougher and we will.

– Ed Balls speaking in January

Asked if he would "close the loophole" on non-dom tax status, Mr Balls said: "I think it's important that you make sure that the non-dom rules work in a fair way. I think they were too lax in the past.

"Both the Labour government and this Conservative government have tightened them up - that's something I'll continue to look at.

Labour: We should all pay taxes by the same rules

Ed Miliband has summarised Labour's policy to ban the non-dom tax status for some of Britain's wealthiest individuals in a series of tweets:

Labour insisted that its policy amounted to a ban that would bring the UK into line with all other major economies and only those "who genuinely come on a temporary basis" would escape UK tax on overseas earnings.

No one currently taking advantage of the rule for a long period would keep their status, they said.

Chancellor George Osborne criticised the move as "tinkering around the edges" rather than being an outright ban.


Duncan Bannatyne: Labour gets my vote over non-dom ban

Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne says Labour 'gets his vote' over its pledge to ban the non-dom tax status Credit: PA

Dragons' Den star and businessman Duncan Bannatyne has lent his support to Labour's plans to scrap the non-dom status.

Despite being one of 30 business leaders to sign a letter backing the Conservatives in The Telegraph last week, the entrepreneur has posted a series of tweets showing his support for the move:

He also told Business Matters magazine that those with non-dom status had an "unfair advantage" in business.

Labour policy 'would not abolish non-dom status'

Chancellor George Osborne Credit: PA

Chancellor George Osborne has suggested that Labour's pledge to end the controversial tax non-dom status is misleading.

He said that the "small print" in Ed Miliband's policy shows the party does not plan to end the controversial tax status for some of Britain's wealthiest people.

The small print of Labour's policy makes clear that they are not actually abolishing non-dom status.

...Either they are going to abolish non-dom status altogether which would cost our country hundreds of millions of pounds in lost tax revenues and lost investment - the reason they did nothing on this during 13 years in office.

Or they are just tinkering around the edges and making small adjustments to the rules on how long people can be non-dom.

– George Osborne

Lib Dems pledge to take £130m from non-doms

The Liberal Democrats said they plan to take an additional £130 million from non-doms by "radically" reforming eligibility rules and "significantly increasing the charges" if they win the general election.

The Liberal Democrats said they plan to take an additional £130 million from non-doms Credit: PA

Speaking ahead of Ed Miliband's speech today in which he will announce plans to scrap the special non-domiciled tax status, the party's Danny Alexander attacked Labour's "spectacular failure" to do anything about non-doms" during 13 years in office.

The key tests are what maximises revenue for the exchequer and best supports our economic recovery.

...We came down hard on those who stayed in the UK for long periods without paying their share - increasing charges on non-doms year-on-year since 2010.

Labour used to allow non-doms to sit in the House of Lords, Lib Dems stopped that.

In the next parliament we want to go further by radically reforming the rules and significantly increasing the charges for non-doms to secure an additional £130 million for the public purse.

– Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander

Labour: 'Non-dom' status creates 'distorted' view of wealth

Labour's scrapping of the controversial 'non-dom' tax status would mean that anybody who comes to the UK and makes it their home would pay tax in the same way - even if some of their earnings come from overseas.

Leader Ed Miliband will unveil the policy in full during a speech in Warwickshire today, claiming that there is a "distorted" attitude that the wealthiest "should be allowed to operate under different rules".

Labour leader Ed Miliband will unveil the plans during a speech in Warwickshire Credit: PA

He is expected to cite figures showing that the "tax gap" between what is owed and what is collected had risen to £34 billion under the coalition government.

Tax havens are continuing; the scandal at HSBC has been brought to the heart of government; the hedge funds are given the green light to avoid paying their fair share; HMRC seems to operate double-standards. It's one law for a few, other law for everybody else.

This means higher taxes for working people and businesses, as well as starving money from our public services. In a world of tough, difficult choices, we just can't allow this to continue.

– Ed Miliband planned speech
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