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Britain’s Young Drinkers

The Tonight programme has taken a look at Britain's binge drinking culture and the impact it's having on the health of young people.

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School's Out

As the government adopts a harder line on taking children out of school for holidays in term-time, Tonight looks at the options for parents.

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One in six not confident future NHS needs will be met

A survey of 1,000 patients, conducted on behalf of accountancy firm KPMG, reveals concerns about the NHS' capabilities to provide long-term healthcare in the future.

  • 82 percent believe the Government should pay for long-term care.
  • 54.4% agree that taxes have to increase to ensure long-term healthcare needs are met.
  • Around one in six (16.4%) are not confident that the NHS would be able to meet their needs in the future.
  • Only 12% said they were 'very confident' that it could meet their long-term healthcare needs.
  • One in 10 patients believe they will have to pay for their healthcare in the future.


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