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Names of first confirmed beach gold finders revealed

Megan Henderson, Kirsty Henderson and Kevin Wood
Megan Henderson, Kirsty Henderson and Kevin Wood confirmed as first people to find gold on beach in Folkestone Credit: Folkestone Triennial

The organisers of the Folkestone Triennial gold hunt on a beach in Folkestone have revealed the names of the first people confirmed to have found the precious metal buried in the sand.

Kevin Wood, Kirsty Henderson and her sister Megan Henderson from Canterbury made their discovery at about 7pm on Friday evening. They had been digging for about an hour before low tide. Each gold bar is worth about £500.

'Folkestone Digs' gold bars
The gold before it was buried in the sand Credit: Folkestone Triennial

“My legs went from under me and I started shaking,” Kevin recalled. “I put it quietly in my pocket. We left the beach and half way home, we pulled over for a drink.”

– Kevin Wood, Treasure hunter
Kirsty Henderson and Kevin Wood
Kirsty Henderson and Kevin Wood at the Kent beach where they made their discovery Credit: Folkestone Triennial



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The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised at least £250,000 for the UK Motor Neurone Disease Association and a huge $62.5million (£37.7million) in the United States where it originated.

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