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Sheep eat bags of cannabis dumped at Surrey farm

Cannabis is a class B banned substance. Credit: PA

A flock of sheep appear to have been left with no permanent side effects despite eating bags of cannabis which had been dumped at their farm in Surrey. The seven bags were left at Fanny's Farm in Merstham and police estimate the cannabis had a street value of £4,000.

The farm manager told the Daily Mirror that she had no idea who had dumped the bags there. Anyone with information about the bags is asked to contact Surrey Police.


Obama: New York restaurant declined my credit card

US President Barack Obama has revealed he recently had his credit card declined at a New York restaurant.

According to NBC News, Mr Obama recounted the incident while signing an executive order to protect consumers from fraud.

Barack Obama, who signed in his order at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, said he was rescued by his wife after his card was rejected. Credit: Reuters/Larry Downing

"It turned out, I guess, I don't use it enough to so they thought there was some fraud going on," Mr Obama said.

The president's meal was still paid for without any emergency action, thanks to the First Lady.

"Fortunately, Michelle had (her card)," Mr Obama explained.

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