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Mercury and Jackson duet on new Queen album

Queen's Freddie Mercury performing at Wembley in the 1980s. Credit: Duncan Raban/Duncan Raban/EMPICS Entertainment

Rock band Queen are releasing a new album featuring three previously unreleased songs including a duet between gone-but-not-forgotten icons lead singer Freddie Mercury and the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The collaboration between Mercury and Jackson called 'There Must Be More To Life Than This' began as a song written by Mercury during sessions for Queen’s 1981 album 'Hot Space'.

The song was left unfinished twice, until it appeared on Mercury's debut solo album in 1985.

A duet featuring Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson is being released. Credit: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Queen's guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor say the new production of the ballad fuses the band's original backing track and Mercury and Jackson’s distinctive vocals.

The other two unreleased songs 'Let Me In Your Heart Again' and Love Kills' will also feature on the 'Queen Forever' album which will be released in November.


Actress Polly Bergen dies aged 84

Actress Polly Bergen who has died at the age of 84. Credit: Steven Bergman/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Emmy-winning US actress and singer Polly Bergen, who played the terrorised wife in the original Cape Fear film and the first woman president in Kisses for My President, has died at the age of 84.

Publicist Judy Katz said Ms Bergen died today at her home in Southbury, Connecticut, surrounded by family and close friends.

She had battled emphysema and other ailments in the late 1990s, a result of 50 years of smoking.

Thousands of Alfie Deyes fans meet their hero

Thousands of fans of video blogger Alfie Deyes have been tweeting their excitement after meeting him at a book signing in London.

About 8,000 people turned up for the event at the Excel centre in London's Docklands for the 21-year-old's 'The Pointless Book' which has already topped the Amazon best-sellers list and accompanies his blog.

Marilyn Monroe negative sells for over £4,000

An image from Marilyn Monroe's first professional photoshoot. Credit: Henry Aldridge and Sons/ PA

A negative from Marilyn Monroe's first professional photoshoot has sold at auction for £4,250.

The estimate had been between £5,000 and £8,000 but auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said he was "happy with the result".

The image dates back to when the blond bombshell was a 20-year-old factory worker who dreamed of being a model and was still known as Norma Jean Baker.

"It was an exceptionally unusual item and to be able to include the copyright added another dimension as we only usually sell the physical item....There is an enduring interest if you like the cult of celebrity and are interested in that era."

– Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge


Joan Rivers 'Facebooks from the grave' about new iPhone

Comedian Joan Rivers seemed to promote the new iPhone 6 from the grave today after posts appeared on her official Facebook and Instagram accounts, TMZ reported.

The post appeared on Rivers' Facebook and Instagram pages for a brief period this morning before they were removed.

TMZ suggests the posts were the result of a "pre-negotiated deal" with Apple and before her death she had scheduled them to publish on the iPhone's launch day.

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