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HSBC: All payments hit by glitch now processed

HSBC has said all of the 275,000 payments held up by an IT glitch have now been processed.

The "unacceptable" failure yesterday left many workers without their monthly salaries going into the Bank Holiday weekend.

HSBC says the delayed payments have now been processed Credit: PA

A spokesman for the bank said: "We have now processed all outstanding payments following yesterday's problems.

"Any affected customers still experiencing issues with their account should contact their bank.

"HSBC apologises again for the inconvenience caused", the spokesman added.


HSBC says it has now processed 99% of payments

HSBC says it has now processed 99% of payments which did not go into customer accounts as expected this morning.

The bank apologised again for the inconvenience caused to thousands of people who were due their wages today.

Customers who have not received their money by Saturday morning are advised to contact the bank straight away.

HSBC says payments should go in by tonight at latest

Credit: PA

HSBC said payments which did not go in people's bank accounts today should be there by tonight.

A statement released by the bank said: "HSBC apologises for the significant inconvenience caused to customers by today’s payments problems.

"We are now processing the payments so that they reach the beneficiary accounts as quickly as possible.

"The majority of payments will be completed over the course of the afternoon and early evening, with any remaining payments completed overnight.

"Customers who do not receive the delayed payment by Saturday morning should speak with their bank in the first instance.

"They should also contact their bank if they have suffered any costs as a result of today’s problems."

They added they would ensure no one loses out as a result of "today’s unacceptable problems" and said compensation would be offered where appropriate.

HSBC: Around 275,000 payments affected by glitch

HSBC said around 275,000 payments like to total hundreds of millions of pounds have been held up by a technical glitch.

The fault in the payments, which has affected many people due to receive their salaries for the month, relates to the bank's business customers.

HSBC said it was working to resolve the problem but it still did not know whether it would be able to process the payments by the end of the day.

A spokesman said: "There has been a fault in the information used to process some payments from HSBC business customers.

"Approximately 275,000 payments have been affected, including payments to customers of other banks.

"We will work with other banks to ensure that customers do not lose out as a result of today's problems."


Sainsbury's gives staff four per cent pay rise

Tens of thousands of workers at Sainsbury's will get a four per cent pay rise from this weekend, with a new rate of £7.36 an hour.

The wage rise will boost the pay packages of around 137,000 employees - some 97 per cent of the store-based workforce, such as till operators and shelf-stackers.

Store workers at Sainsbury's will get a four per cent pay rise Credit: PA

It comes ahead of the launch of the £7.20 an hour National Living Wage for workers aged over 25, set to be introduced in April next year.

The new hourly rate is slightly shy of the £7.39 an hour paid to Tesco employees, but Sainsbury's bosses say their policy of allowing paid half-hour breaks during an eight-hour shift meant staff ended up better off overall.

We're delighted to announce a four per cent pay increase for the colleagues who work in our stores across the country.

We know what a difference they make to our customers each and every day and we're totally committed to rewarding them well for the great service they provide.

– Mike Coupe, Sainsbury's chief executive
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