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Miliband insists abolishing 'non-doms' will raise money

Labour leader Ed Miliband announced a plan today to scrap the so-called 'non-doms' status for some wealthy taxpayers and claimed the policy would raise money for the UK.

Mr Miliband added that the 200-year-old rule was "unfair and unjust".

But the party's proposal appeared to be muddled when it was revealed that shadow chancellor Ed Balls seemed to have ruled it out three months ago.

ITV News' Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen has the latest from Labour's campaign trial.

Former non-dom welcomes Labour ban on super-wealthy

Ed Miliband has announced Labour's plan to scrap Britain's non-dom rule, which allows around 116,000 people to legally avoid paying UK tax on overseas assets and income if they are kept off-shore.

Former non-dom and Labour supporter Lord Paul told ITV News Political Correspondent Lewis Vaughn-Jones why he supports the move:

Ed Miliband: Non-dom ban will save UK millions

Ed Miliband has sidestepped questions on a video interview from January in which Ed Balls appears to disagree with Labour's plan to abolish non-dom tax status .

Ed Miliband has sidestepped questions on comments by Ed Balls about banning non-dom status Credit: PA

Mr Miliband was asked if he agreed with the comments Mr Balls made in a video interview in January in which he appeared to saw abolishing the status "would probably end up costing Britain money."

He replied: "The truth is that we have found a way to do this that independent experts say is actually going to raise money.

"You have seen many people out this morning saying it is going to raise at least hundreds of millions of pounds and it is the right thing to do - and it is what Ed Balls said on the radio this morning."


PM condemns Labour 'chaos and confusion' on non-doms

David Cameron has attacked what he calls the "chaos and confusion" of Labour's message over non-doms, and says the Conservatives have "done more than any other government" to crack down on tax-dodging.

He claimed Ed Miliband's party was "one minute saying they would scrap the status, the next minute saying it would cost the country money".

Speaking during a campaign visit in Bolton today, the Prime Minister said: "Frankly this goes to a bigger picture - if these people can't even sort out one policy, how on earth could we trust them to run our economy?"

Ed Balls: Tories edited my non-dom interview

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has claimed that a January video where he appeared to suggest that scrapping non-dom status could cost the UK money was edited by the Conservative Party.

He tweeted:

Ed Miliband announced Labour's pledge to scrap the controversial status in a speech this morning.

Ed Miliband: Non-dom status is a failure of all parties

Ed Miliband has described Britain's non-domiciled tax status as a "failure of governments of all parties."

Announcing Labour's pledge to scrap the controversial status if the party comes to power in a speech this morning, Mr Miliband likened the UK to an "offshore tax haven" for allowing some of its wealthiest individuals to escape tax on earnings they make abroad.

He told an audience at the University of Warwick that while he did not blame individuals who take advantage of the rules, "most other countries will think it is bizarre that we continue with a practice that started in the days of the British Empire".

"It holds Britain back" - watch part of Ed Miliband's speech:

Osborne: Labour's 'non-dom plans a total shambles'

George Osborne has dismissed Labour's 'non-dom' plan as "a total shambles".

ITV News Westminster Producer Adam Smith reports:

If you look at what Ed Miliband has announced today, it is a total shambles. Within hours the policy has unravelled. You have Ed Balls himself saying it would cost the country money and when you look at the small print it's clear that a majority of non-doms wouldn't be effected at all.

– George Osborne
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