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Unite donate further £1m to Labour ahead of election

Trade union Unite has announced a further £1 million donation to Labour, bringing the total given to Ed Miliband's party to £3.5 million since December.

Unite has upped its donations to the Labour party. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The union's executive has previously expressed their concern the current Government could be re-elected on a "tide of big business cash" while Labour remained under-resourced.


Miliband 'caught up in rough and tumble' with protesters

The Labour Party has admitted that Ed Miliband was caught up in "campaign rough and tumble" involving demonstrators yesterday - but denied claims its leader was punched in the chest.

Miliband arriving for last night's programme. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The alleged incident was "shrugged off" by Miliband after taking place in London yesterday morning, the party said.

The Mirror had reported that around six demonstrators had surrounded the opposition leader.

The paper cited an activist who claimed: "Ed had to push his way through them to get into the car. It was over very quickly but it was shocking."

Miliband and Prime Minister David Cameron later appeared separately on television for a live question-and-answer session.

IPCC probe further Met Police 'cover up' allegations

The Metropolitan Police is being investigated over allegations it covered up child abuse claims. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) today said it was investigating three more allegations about alleged Metropolitan Police corruption, including claims officers dropped a probe into alleged sex abuse committed by MPs, judges, media entertainers, police, actors and clergy.

According to the IPCC, it is alleged that an initial police examination gathered evidence about the high profile figures before a senior Met Police officer called for the case to be dropped.

The police watchdog is also investigating one further complaint about the same investigation, as well as an allegation relating to police actions during a child abuse investigation in the 1980s.

No further details on the new claims was made available.


Miliband: Battle wounds with brother 'have not healed'

Ed Miliband's relationship with his brother David was "strained" and " has still not healed", almost five years after he beat him to the Labour leadership, he has admitted during a live Q&A session.

But Mr Miliband said he believed he had done a better job than his older sibling would have as the head of the party.

Key points from Q&A show with Cameron and Miliband

David Cameron and Ed Miliband have taken part in the first interview and Q&A show ahead of the General Election.

Below are the key points from both leaders.

David Cameron:

David Cameron admitted he would not be able to live on an exclusive zero-hours contract. Credit: Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE
  • Admitted that he would not be able to live on an exclusive zero-hours contract.
  • Said the UK was "immeasurably stronger" after five years of his premiership and claimed that "we've turned the economy round".
  • Accepted that his Government had failed to meet the "no ifs no buts" pledge he made in 2010 to get net immigration down.
  • Insisted he would serve "every day of a full second term" if re-elected in May.
  • Pressed on further cuts to the welfare budget he said: "We know there will be difficult decisions and we will have to go through every part of the welfare budget."

Ed Miliband:

Ed Miliband said his relationship with his brother David was still Credit: Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE
  • Miliband said his relationship with brother David was still "healing" after their bruising battle for the Labour leadership.
  • He said wealth creation is an incredibly important part of building a more prosperous society and a fairer society.
  • Mr Miliband said democratic socialism remained an important Labour value.
  • Firmly defended his decision to rule out an in/out EU referendum, arguing that it was not a priority for the country.
  • Refused to put a figure on a maximum population for the country and admitted Labour "got it wrong" on immigration.

Ed Miliband says 'Cameron can't defend his record'

Ed Miliband said the Prime Minister "cannot defend his record" and he "will fight for working families" after taking part in the Battle for Number 10 interview and Q&A.

David Cameron insists 'plan is working' after live Q&A

David Cameron has tweeted "our plan is working" and "let's keep going" after taking part in the first series of leaders programmes ahead of the General Election.

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