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Cameron is 'ducking' election TV debates, claims Miliband

The Prime Minister has been accused of "ducking" a head-to-head debate with Ed Miliband in the run up to the General election.

However, David Cameron insisted he was trying to "unblock the log-jam" the broadcasters had created over the leaders debate and offered a solution to their "mess".

ITV News political correspondent Romilly Weeks reports.


Broadcasters yet to respond to PM's TV debate ultimatum

Broadcasters are yet to respond to Prime Minister David Cameron's "final offer" of one TV debate involving all seven political party leaders.

Labour leader Ed Miliband has accused the Conservative leader of "running scared" from a one-to-one debate while Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said it was "no way to treat the British people".

ITV News' Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen reports:

Greens: PM has shown contempt for the electorate

The Green Party said David Cameron has shown "contempt" for the electorate after he issued a "final offer" to broadcasters over the TV leaders' debates.

A Green Party spokesman said David Cameron is ' scared of scrutiny'. Credit: Johnny Green/PA Wire

A spokesman for the Greens said: "Not only is Cameron's announcement cowardly but it also shows his contempt for the electorate.

"People want to see a set of debates between all major party leaders, yet the Prime Minister is clearly scared of scrutiny."


Cameron: I'm unblocking the TV debate log jam

David Cameron has denied putting obstacles in the way of televised leaders' debates, saying he has "unblocked the log jam" created by broadcasters.

"I am unblocking the log jam and saying let's have this seven-cornered debate and get on with it before the campaign," the Prime Minister said.

"Then we can actually do what needs to be done, which is to get round the country during the election campaign."

He insisted, "Everyone knows what the Conservative proposals are and the Labour proposals are, and the other parties can speak for themselves."

Farage accuses Cameron of sabotaging TV debates

Nigel Farage has accused the Prime Minister of sabotaging the TV leaders' debates.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, the Ukip leader agreed David Cameron was "running scared," telling the panel, "He's sabotaged the whole thing".

Ukip leader Nigel Farage speaks to Loose Women. Credit: ITV/Loose Women

"He's now said he'll do one debate, but he'll do it before the proper campaign starts,so it's not going to be a proper debate, " Farage said.

"Had it been a four-headed debate, there were one or two conversations I wanted to have with the Prime Minister that I don't think he would have been answer, and I suspect that's why they've sabotaged."

Hague: Miliband calling for debate 'out of desperation'

William Hague has claimed Ed Miliband is only calling for a television debate with David Cameron out of desperation to stop the election slipping away from him.

Commons leader William Hague has backed the Prime Minister. Credit: PA/PA Wire

The Commons leader faced down MPs' anger over the Prime Minister's "indefensible" and "craven" refusal to debate one on one with the Labour leader, stressing that former prime minister Tony Blair refused to do so altogether.

Hague hit back, "I think, of what the leader of the Opposition was saying yesterday when he was calling for a debate, which means 'I am desperate because the election is slipping away from me and I have nothing else to ask about at all'. That is the translation of that."

Cameron blames broadcasters for 'mess' of TV debates

David Cameron blamed the 'mess' on the broadcasters. Credit: pool

David Cameron has blamed broadcasters for the row surrounding the political leaders TV debates.

The Prime Minister said: "We're now short of time because of the mess, frankly, the broadcasters have made of this."

He added he was happy to take part in one debate before March 30 but wanted to "do what actually needs to be done and get on with the election campaign".

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