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Joey Essex question leaves Ed Miliband stumped

Ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband has deflected a question from reality TV star Joey Essex, by asking young voters to answer a question on his behalf at a campaign rally.

Mr Essex had questioned Mr Miliband about the French "nicking our fish" at a Remain campaign event, and raised concerns of friends - who work at Billingsgate fish market - about French trawlers.

Mr Miliband initially asked four young voters to answer the question on his behalf.

He said: "This is a politician's way of.. hospital pass here".

Mr Essex was among a specially invited audience in north London to hear Mr Miliband warn young voters they needed to register in order to stop the UK leaving the EU.



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Welsh secretary 'determined' to find solution to Tata's complex pension issue

The Welsh Secretary says the Government is determined to find a solution to Tata's complex pension issue.

It came after Stephen Kinnock asked what measures had been taken to ensure a viable and sustainable pension scheme will be developed as a result of the sale of the business.

Alun Cairns said he's met with Business Secretary following his meetings with Tata in Mumbai to discuss the main issues surrounding the sale including the pensions, power and plant.

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