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Nicola Sturgeon expresses her concerns over Calais

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to Mr Cameron expressing her concerns over the impact of the situation in Calais.

Nicola Sturges reiterated her concerns about the impact on Scottish businesses. Credit: Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire/Press Association Images

She said: "Our primary concern over the current situation in Calais must be to play our part in addressing the underlying humanitarian issues. Increasing security at the Channel Tunnel, whilst welcome, will only help in the short term, and is not addressing the root cause of the issue."

She initially wrote to Mr Cameron on July 24 and in her most recent letter she reiterated her concerns about the impact the situation has had on businesses.

"Seafood from Scotland is the UK's biggest food export, worth more than £600 million annually. The delays, damage and uncertainty caused by the lack of safe and timely passage through the Tunnel is costing the sector millions of pounds every week and placing future markets in jeopardy." She said.

M20 reopens for normal traffic after Operation Stack

Lorries parked up on the M20 motorway in Ashford, Kent, during Operation Stack. Credit: John Stillwell / PA Wire/Press Association Images

David Cameron spoke to French president Francois Hollande on Friday to discuss the response to migrants besieging the Channel Tunnel entrance at Calais, which the PM warned he expects to last all summer.

The call came as the M20 motorway was reopened for normal traffic after the last lorries being held under Operation Stack procedures were allowed through to the Channel Tunnel and ferry ports.

Announcing the lifting of Operation Stack, which has seen thousands of lorries parked on the coast-bound carriageway for much of the past month.

Measures promised by Mr Cameron, including more sniffer dogs and fences, were dismissed by hauliers' representatives as "a sticking plaster".

Corbyn urges unity after party 'split-risk' comments

Corbyn has urged Labour party members to remain united Credit: Joe Giddens/PA

Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn has urged party voters to remember that "when the dust has settled, we will still all be Labour" as he made a plea for unity, following warnings of the risk of a Labour party split.

The Islington North MP issued a statement which said: "The leadership election should be conducted with one thought in mind: our objective is to be a united party focused on winning the general election and campaigning across the country, day in day out."

Corbyn's comments came following warnings from fellow Labour leader candidate Andy Burnham that "provocative" language used by Corbyn's left-wing supporters could cause factionalism in the party.


U-turn on decision to deny Chinese artist 6-month visa

The Home Secretary has ordered immigration officials to issue a full six-month business visa to dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, reversing a decision to only allow him into the country for less than three weeks.

Theresa May reviewed the decision after human rights experts voiced anger over the decision when the artist, an outspoken critic of the Chinese government, was denied the full visa.

Ai Weiwei will now be granted the full six-month visa Credit: Reuters/Ai Weiwei

In a letter posted to his Weiwei's Instagram account, officials said they refused him a longer stay as he he had not declared a previous "criminal conviction" - despite supporters denying he had ever even been charged.

He was secretly detained, his passport confiscated and later fined for alleged unpaid taxes, though his supporters argued this was merely a politically-motivated punishment for his views.

His passport was only returned last week, and he had hoped to visit Britain in the autumn to coincide with an exhibition of his work at the London Royal Academy of Arts.

A Home Office spokesman said Ms May was not consulted on the original decision, adding:

She has reviewed the case and has now instructed Home Office officials to issue a full six-month visa.

We have written to Mr Ai apologising for the inconvenience caused.

– Home Office spokesman
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