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George Galloway 'badly bruised' in street attack

Controversial Respect MP George Galloway was badly bruised after he was attacked in the street tonight, his spokesman said.

Respect MP George Galloway is in
Respect MP George Galloway is in Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Mr Galloway was posing for pictures with people in Notting Hill, west London, when the incident happened.

The spokesman said: "George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him.

"It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust.

"George is badly bruised but OK. He has bruising to his head and face and is in a pretty bad shape."

Metropolitan Police said a man had been arrested on suspicion of ABH and taken to the south London police station where he remains.

The motivation for the attack is unclear but Mr Galloway caused recent offence when he announced Bradford was an "Israeli-free area".


Darling accused of 'blood on his hands' in mosque visit

Leader of the Better Together campaign, Alistair Darling, was accused of having "blood on his hands" over Iraq by hecklers during a visit to Glasgow Central Mosque.

While some people at the mosque shook his hands and posed for photographs, others looked on in disapproval and told them off.

One man demanded answers from Mr Darling on his views about the Israel-Gaza conflict, and on Labour's military intervention in Iraq under Tony Blair.

Abdull Oun challenged Mr Darling over Labour's actions in Iraq
Abdull Oun challenged Mr Darling over Labour's actions in Iraq Credit: PA

Abdull Oun, aged 27, said he was an undecided voter.

My question was very simple: If I vote No, what are your views on the conflict, what are your views on military intervention?

He didn't answer, he just walked away. He just waved his hand, I was basically dismissed. He demands answers from Alex Salmond on issues like currency, but he couldn't give me answers.> He came here to meet and greet Muslims but it is a publicity stunt and it has failed.

– Abdull Oun, undecided voter
Deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party Anas Sarwar posed for a 'selfie' with Alistair Darling
Deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party Anas Sarwar posed for a 'selfie' with Alistair Darling Credit: PA

Better Together spokesman David Whitton later denied Mr Darling had "run off", and said Mr Oun had been part of a crowd and couldn't get close enough to actually ask his questions, but said he had been spoken to after Mr Darling's meeting with the mosque committee.

MP cancels tour after 'intimidation' by Yes campaigners

A Glasgow MP has suspended his tour of Scotland ahead of the independence referendum, accusing 'yes' campaigners of "intimidation" tactics.

Labour MP Jim Murphy had hoped to speak in 100 high streets in 100 days to urge people to vote 'no' and stay in the United Kingdom - but he had been hounded by groups of pro-independence protesters.

Labour MP Jim Murphy was part-way through a tour promoting the Better Together campaign
Labour MP Jim Murphy was part-way through a tour promoting the Better Together campaign Credit: PA

He said he had been called a "terrorist", a "quisling" and a "defender of paedophiles" - and things came to a head in Kirkcaldy, Fife, yesterday when someone pelted him with eggs.

Announcing the tour's suspension, he said he had seen events take a "sinister turn for the worse".

This tour is intended as a way of getting out and about on Scotland's high streets to debate the referendum with undecided voters, and the first 70 meetings were great - passionate people on both sides.

But in the past fortnight, things have taken a sinister turn for the worse, and it has been organised and orchestrated by Yes Scotland, who are organising for mobs to turn up at each meeting to try and intimidate me, which won't work, and to try and silence undecided voters.

– Jim Murphy MP

A Yes Scotland spokesman said they condemn "all forms of abusive, dangerous and offensive behaviour", including the egg-throwing incident.

Deposed Ukip candidate calls Carswell an 'idiot'

Roger Lord, who had been the Ukip general election candidate for Clacton until Douglas Carswell jumped ship yesterday, has called the Tory defector an "idiot".

"If somebody pushes me, I'm going to push back," he said. "Has he [Carswell] got a membership card? I'm not sure he's officially a member yet."

Mr Lord told ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener that Mr Carswell "could have said sorry, but he hasn't got the guts to do it".

Salmond: Yes campaign still the underdog

Alex Salmond said the Yes campaign remained the underdog in the run-up to the September 18 referendum, despite a new poll showing an increase in support.

Alex Salmond
First Minister Alex Salmond visits a children's play centre in Edinburgh today. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The First Minister said it was "comforting and encouraging" that the No campaign's lead had been cut to just six percentage points, according to a Survation poll for the Scottish Daily Mail.

However, Mr Salmond stressed: "The polls are with us, but we're not there yet, we're still behind, we're still the underdogs, we've still got work to do, we're still trying harder ... to convince our fellow citizens that Yes offers the right vote for the future."

He also joined the Prime Minister in condemning the Yes supporter who pelted Scottish Labour MP Jim Murphy with eggs in Kirkcaldy, Fife yesterday.


Carswell denies 'stabbing David Cameron in back'

Douglas Carswell has denied suggestions he stabbed David Cameron in the back by defecting to Ukip.

He told ITV News' Libby Wiener he had nothing against "nice guy" David Cameron, but had to leave the Conservatives because the Prime Minister was "not serious about change".

He questioned what the difference would be if Ed Miliband's "gang replaced the current gang" in Number 10.

Cameron: No vote means security for Scotland

David Cameron has urged the No campaign to continue promoting "a secure future" for Scotland as part of the UK compared with the "insecurity" of independence.

The Prime Minister was speaking this morning at a marine engineering company in Loanhead, Midlothian that makes parts for Royal Navy submarines.

"I think it's certainty versus uncertainty, a secure future versus insecurity, the known versus the unknown and the warmth of the UK family of nations versus an irreversible decision to separate," Mr Cameron said.

"And I think if the No campaign makes that argument, which is a mostly positive argument but is not frightened of calling out the Yes campaign on their totally failing to answer the question, then I'm sure we can secure the right result."

David Cameron
David Cameron visits engineering company MacTaggart Scott in Loanhead, Midlothian today. Credit: Danny Lawson/Reuters

Osborne laments Carswell defection to Ukip

George Osborne has labelled the defection of Douglas Carswell to Ukip as "regrettable and counter-productive".

Speaking in Brighton today, the Chancellor said that the best way to secure a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union was to have a Conservative government after the next election.

"That's the choice people are going to face, whether it's at the by-election in Clacton or at the general election next year," Mr Osborne said.

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