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Prince Harry lays wreath to mark Anzac Day centenary

Prince Harry has laid a wreath at Wellington Arch to mark the start of Anzac Day commemorations in the UK.

Thousands of people attended the dawn service, which marked 100 years since the day was first marked in London.

Prince Harry at the Anzac Day service this morning Credit: RTV

Anzac Day (the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) has been commemorated in London since the first anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli in 1916, when King George V attended a service at Westminster Abbey.

In a speech at the service, Alexander Downer, Australian high commissioner to the UK, said: "When we reflect on Anzac Day we imagine the Gallipoli landings, what it must have been like, at dawn on the water, in sight of that rugged shoreline - and a collectively held breath, a leaden silence about to be broken.

He lays a wreath in honour of New Zealanders and Australians who died at war Credit: RTV

"We consider the enthusiasm, the courage, and the heroism of the Anzac troops - ordinary men fighting for God, King and empire, for their mates, for adventure, for a world without war."

Harry will later attend a parade at the Cenotaph, where he will lay a wreath on behalf of the Queen, and a service of commemoration and thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

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Queen's letter detailing first meetings with Philip sells for £14k

The two page note was sent to author Better Shew who was writing a book on the royal couple.

A rare handwritten letter by the Queen describing her courtship with the Duke of Edinburgh has sold for £14,400 at auction.

The two-page account details the early stages of the relationship to author Betty Shew, who was writing a book on the upcoming Royal Wedding as a souvenir of their marriage.

It was sold to a private collector from the UK at a sale in Chippenham - and far exceeded the £800-£1200 estimate.

In it, the young Elizabeth recounts how the pair met when she was just 13 at the the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth:

"I was 13 years of age and he was 18 and a cadet just due to leave. He joined the Navy at the outbreak of war, and I only saw him very occasionally when he was on leave - I suppose about twice in three years.

"Then when his uncle and aunt, Lord and Lady Mountbatten, were away he spent various weekends away with us at Windsor. Then he went to the Pacific and Far East for two years as everyone there will know...

"We both love dancing - we have danced at Ciro's and Quaglino's as well at parties.

"We first started seeing more of each other when Philip went for a two-year job to the R.N Petty Officers School at Corsham - before that we hardly knew each other.

"He'd spend weekends with us, and when the school was closed he spent six weeks at Balmoral - it was great luck his getting a short job first them! Elizabeth"

– Letter from the Queen describing her courtship with the Duke of Edinburgh
It sold for much higher than the predicted £1,200

Prince Charles arrives in Stratford for Shakespeare celebrations

Prince Charles has arrived in Stratford-upon-Avon this afternoon to join in the celebrations that have been organised to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.

During his visit to the bard's hometown the Prince of Wales will be shown around Shakespeare's family home and visit an exhibition, before being joined by the Duchess of Cornwall for a 'Shakespeare Live' theatre performance.

Prince George stays up past bedtime to meet President Obama

President Obama and the First Lady have met Prince George at Kensington Palace.

Prince George meets Barack Obama Credit: Kensington Palace

In pictures released by Kensington Palace, the Prince thanked the US president for his rocking horse, which he received as a present from the White House when he was born in 2013.

Prince George thanks Barack Obama for his rocking horse, given to him when he was born Credit: Kensington Palace

The prince was allowed to stay up past his bedtime to meet the US president.

The pictures were taken after President Obama and the First Lady had dinner at Kensington Palace with the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry, as part of their four-day UK visit.

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