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Police block refugee access to Budapest station for second day

Credit: Reuters

Hungarian Police have blocked the entrance to Budapest train station for a second day as part of efforts to stop thousands of refugees and economic migrants from boarding trains to Germany.

This morning, migrants chanting "Germany, Germany" began to gather outside the station buildings, joining hundreds more in what is becoming a transit zone for those fleeing conflict in the middle east and Africa.

Around 3,000 migrants are at Keleti station in the Hungarian capital. Police say that "citizen patrols" are helping them keep order in the area.

Credit: Reuters

Thousands of migrant slept outside the station last night, after failing to board trains to Austria and Germany yesterday.

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Scene outside train station like a 'refugee camp'

Thousands of migrants are starting to sleep around Budapest's main railway station tonight, after a day of waiting to enter it to board trains to Germany.

The migrants - from countries including Syria and Afghanistan - have no where else to sleep.

ITV News' Europe Editor James Mates is at the train station and has been tweeting from the scene.


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