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Protests as Hong Kong elite elect first female leader

Carrie Lam is Hong Kong's first female leader and the fourth since British colonial control ended. Credit: AP

Beijing-favoured Carrie Lam has been elected as Hong Kong's first female leader amid demonstrations by pro-democracy groups.

The vote is the first since huge protests erupted over the election system in 2014.

Mrs Lam, a career civil servant, received 777 votes from a committee dominated by pro-Beijing elites, against her more publicly popular rival's 365 votes.

Some pro-democracy supporters, who are calling for a public vote, heckled from the official seating area and held up a yellow umbrella, the symbol of the 2014 protests, as the results were announced.


Turkey may hold Brexit-style vote over EU membership

Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey may hold a vote on whether they should join the EU. Credit: AP

Turkey may hold a Brexit-style vote to decide whether the country should continue moving forward with plans to join the EU, president Tayyip Erdogan has said.

He indicated that any such vote could take place after April 16.

Turkey is slowly moving through accession talks to join the bloc, but discussions have lasted over a decade due to tensions over Cyprus, human rights and other issues.

Relations between Ankara have been particularly strained in recent months as Turkey takes much of the brunt of the refugee crisis and Mr Erdogan faces criticism for attempts to shore up his personal powers.


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