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Police killer Harry Roberts to be released after 45 years

Harry Roberts Credit: PA Wire

Police killer Harry Roberts is to be released from prison after more than 45 years behind bars.

Roberts, now 78, was handed a life sentence for the murder of three policemen in Shepherd's Bush, west London, in 1966. His 30-year minimum tariff expired 18 years ago.

The Parole Board is understood to have approved his release and he will be subject to close monitoring by police and the Probation Service.

Detective Sergeant Christopher Head, 30, Detective Constable David Wombwell, 25, and Pc Geoffrey Fox, 41, were shot dead without warning while questioning three suspects in a van on August 12, 1966.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "We do not comment on individuals.

"The release of life sentence prisoners is directed by the independent Parole Board once they are satisfied they can be safely managed in the community. Once released they are subject to strict controls for as long as their risk requires them. If they fail to comply with these conditions they can be immediately returned to prison.

"Offenders managed through Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) are monitored and supervised by probation, police and other agencies."


Fence jumper at White House 'caught by dogs'

Fence jumper 'caught by dogs' at White House. Credit: PA Wire

A man jumped the White House fence on Wednesday and was attacked by Secret Service dogs before being arrested, a Secret Service spokesman said.

"Dogs got him," the spokesman told Reuters, referring to the intruder.

Video showed Secret Service agents surrounding the man on the north lawn of the White House, which was put on lockdown.

It comes after an intruder armed with a knife scaled the White House fence and made it inside.

"The individual was immediately taken into custody on the North lawn of the White House by Secret Service Uniformed Division K-9 teams and Uniformed Division Officers," the spokesman said.

K-9 refers to the team using specially trained dogs.

The man was then transported to a local hospital for evaluation, the spokesman said.

The incident comes after an intruder armed with a knife scaled the White House fence and made it inside in September, raising questions about security levels and spurring the resignation of then-Secret Service Director Julia Pierson.

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Think tank calls for fines for failing to register to vote

People who fail to register to vote should face a £80 fine, a think tank has suggested. Credit: PA Wire

People who fail to register to vote should be fined, a think tank has suggested.

Policy Exchange also suggested offering rebates of up to £10 on council tax bills as part of a bid to encourage more people to sign up to vote.

The proposals would address "gaping flaws" in electoral rolls, the think tank said.

It accused the Electoral Commission of failing to tackle rising numbers of omissions and warned that without action there would be 13 millions names missing by the time of the 2015 election.

The watchdog said the commission's own data showed millions of individuals entitled to vote were not included on the registers for their current addresses while others were no longer resident at the registered address, had died or had been mistakenly or fraudulently included.

An Electoral Commission spokesman said: "Individual Electoral Registration is currently being implemented and will make the registration system more secure.

"We've repeatedly made clear that no-one should under-estimate the challenge of ensuring the registers are as complete and accurate as possible as this change is introduced, particularly given our last estimate was that around 7.5 million people are not correctly registered at their current address.

"We take all allegations of electoral fraud extremely seriously and work closely with the police and electoral administrators before every major election to ensure that plans are in place to deal with both allegations and actual cases."

Ukip tipped for big win at Rochester by-election

Ukip will land a second voice in Parliament next month according to a new poll that puts the party a commanding 13 points ahead of the Conservatives in the run up to the Rochester and Strood by-election.

Mark Reckless, left, is bidding to join fellow Tory defector Douglas Carswell, right, as a member of parliament for Ukip. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

A ComRes study tips the Eurosceptics to get 43% of the vote, well ahead of the Conservatives on 30%, as Tory defector Mark Reckless bids to regain his former seat for Nigel Farage's party.

Labour trailed in third on 21%, while the Liberal Democrats were way back on 3% alongside the Greens ahead of the November 20 poll.

ComRes interviewed 1,500 adults in the north Kent constituency by telephone between October 17-21.


Professor Green raps Ukip 'morons' over Calypso song

Rapper Professor Green has told ITV News the release of the 'Ukip Calypso' song shows the anti-EU party are "even bigger morons than people perhaps first thought".

Speaking at the Mobo Awards, Green admitted he had not heard the controversial single but told Vincent McAviney the statement of apology issued by its creator - former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read - showed it represented "absolute disrespect" for refugees and immigrants.

Ukip lashes out at British Red Cross over donation snub

Ukip have accused the British Red Cross of putting "politics over saving people's lives" after the charity rejected its offer of profits from the sale of the controversial 'Ukip Calypso' single.

A statement issued by the party said:

We are staggered by their decision. We regret that the British Red Cross think it's their place to put politics over saving people's lives.

We will seek to donate all the money to another charity working to help tackle the tragic Ebola crisis in West Africa.

– Ukip chairman Steve Crowther

British Red Cross rejects cut of 'Ukip Calypso' profits

The British Red Cross has said it will refuse a share of any profits from sales of the controversial 'Ukip calypso' as the song attacks refugees and asylum seekers.

The anti-EU party said it would donate a cut of the song's proceeds to the charity's Ebola fund. But a statement issued by the charity said:

We will not be able to accept any money from the proceeds of this single.

As a neutral organisation, we cannot benefit from something which overtly supports one political party.

In addition, the Red Cross has a proud history of helping refugees and asylum seekers who are negatively referred to in the lyrics.

– British Red Cross

'Ukip Calypso' is currently sitting at number 21 in the midweek charts despite its creator, former Radio 1 star Mike Read, asking his record company to withdraw it after apologising for "unintentionally causing offence".

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