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President Trump signs executive order on Obamacare

Credit: AP

President Donald Trump signed his first executive order shortly after his inauguration parade that is aimed at beginning the process of repealing Obamacare.

Less than 24 hours after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, President Trump made good on one of his campaign promises to work on dismantling the Affordable Healthcare Act by signing an executive order "directing agencies to ease the burden of Obamacare" pending repeal.

James Mattis and John Kelly sworn in by VP Mike Pence

Credit: AP

US Vice President, Mike Pence has sworn in defense secretary James Mattis and homeland security security John Kelly.

Mr Mattis and Mr Kelly are the first official members of President Donald Trump's cabinet.

Before his inauguration parade, Mr Trump had signed the commissions for his new defense secretary and his homeland security secretary who had been confirmed by the Senate earlier on Friday.


Violence erupts on streets as Trump takes office

Violence erupted on the streets of Washington on Friday as anti-Trump protesters hurled rocks and bottles and set fires.

Multiple vehicles were set on fire, including a black limousine and a television truck.

Police responded to the trouble with tear gas and concussion grenades.

At least 200 people were arrested and two officers injured in scuffles with activists.

Trump supporters wait for new President to deliver

More than 900,000 people are believed to have turned out in Washington to watch Donald Trump be inaugurated as President.

Supporters traveled from across America to watch their leader take the oath and enter the White House.

But if his support is not to dwindle, then Trump must start to deliver on his promises, ITV News Correspondent Penny Marshall reports.

Donald Trump sworn in as America's 45th president

  • Video report by ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

Donald Trump pledged to put "America first" and protect the country's borders as he addressed the American people at his inauguration.

The US President vowed to hand back power to the people and promised: "America will start winning again. Winning like never before."

He attacked the Washington elite, which he said had "protected itself but not the people of this country".

In his 16 minute, 15 second-long speech, he said protection "will lead to great prosperity and strength" and he told the nation: "I will fight for you with every breath in my body and I will never ever let you down."

Obamas take 'quick vacation' after Trump inauguration

Barack and Michelle Obama pictured before Donald Trump's inauguration Credit: AP

The former first family are taking a "quick vacation" before getting "back to work", Barack Obama has tweeted.

Using his personal account, Mr Obama added that he wants to hear "what you're thinking about the road ahead".

He then invited the public to "share your ideas" on the Obama Foundation website.

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Obama's final look at White House from the sky

A picture from inside a military helicopter captures the moment Barack Obama takes a final look at the White House - from in the sky.

The former President and his wife had left from Washington DC to head to Joint Base Andrews following the inauguration of Donald Trump.

The picture was taken by Pete Souza, a White House chief photographer.

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