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Corbyn: We stand absolutely against anti-semitism

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn confronted allegations of anti-semitism within his party head on as he addressed a May Day rally today.

He told the crowds: "We stand absolutely against anti-semitism in any form, we stand absolutely against racism in any form."

ITV News Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen reports.


McDonnell: Ken Livingstone should apologise

It has been a "dreadful week" for Labour, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said as he called on suspended member Ken Livingstone to apologise for claiming Hitler "supported Zionism".

John McDonnell has called on Ken Livingstone to apologise Credit: PA

In an interview, Mr McDonnell said the controversy over alleged anti-Semitism in the party had damaged its election chances.

He said he would not rule out that the row was a plot to undermine the leadership - but said what mattered was ridding the party of any instances of racism.

I just wish Ken would have apologised today for some of the offence that he has caused. I know he said he regrets what he said but I think he should now apologise.

We are not sure where this is coming from. But it doesn't matter where it's coming from. If there is any evidence at all of anti-Semitism in our party that is unacceptable and we are going to root it out.

We are going to restore the reputation of the Labour Party as an anti-racist force.

I know it has been a setback for us, it has been a dreadful week. But people are campaigning hard out there and they know now that we are going to tackle this issue.

– John McDonnell, shadow chancellor

Jeremy Corbyn: 'Labour is an anti-racist party to its core'

Jeremy Corbyn has set up an inquiry into Labour antisemitism following a turbulent week for the party Credit: PA Photos

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he is determined to root out racism in all forms in the party amid accusations of anti-Semitism within the party.

It follows the suspension of Bradford West MP Naz Shah for an antisemitic Facebook post and Ken Livingstone's remarks that linked Hitler to Zionism.

In an interview with the Guardian, Mr Corbyn said: “Labour is an anti-racist party to its core and has a long and proud history of standing against racism, including antisemitism."

I have campaigned against racism all my life and the Jewish community has been at the heart of the Labour party and progressive politics in Britain for more than 100 years.

– Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader

Mr Corbyn has appointed former head of rights group, Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, to lead an independent inquiry into antisemitism within his party.

As part of this Chakrabarti will talk to members Jewish community to establish how it can best tackle antisemitism and other forms of discrimination and racism.

UKIP 'taking advantage of Labour's weakness in Wales'

As Wales prepares for its National Assembly elections on May 5th, a political wind of change may be sweeping through the country.

UKIP is beginning to take advantage of a sense among some people that traditional parties - especially Labour - are not delivering.

UKIP's support has grown largely based on its campaigns around the EU and immigration, leaving spectators wondering what the outcome of the vote will be.

ITV News Wales & West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

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