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Miliband pledges extra NHS funding through mansion tax

Ed Miliband has pledged that a Labour government would raise £2.5 billion for the NHS in a 'Time to Care' fund by introducing a mansion tax on homes above £2 million.

He said: "We'll clamp down on tax avoidance including tax loopholes...which will raise £1 billion.

"We will use proceeds of mansion tax on homes above £2 million and we will raise extra resources from tobacco companies."

Labour pledge 'equal rights for the self-employed'

Labour would introduce to help self-employed people who struggle with issues such as pensions and getting mortgages.

Ed Miliband said part of Labour's goal was to end the "21st century discrimination" against the UK's 5 million self-employed people.

Mr Miliband said: "We need to talk about them more. 5 million people, often the most entrepreneurial. ... they don't want special privileges, they just want a fair shot."


Miliband sets goal to halve number of low-paid workers

Labour will aim to half the number of people in low-paid work as part of Ed Miliband's "ten-year plan" for the UK.

It is one of six goals Mr Miliband is setting out in his keynote speech to party activists.

Speaking at the Labour conference, Mr MIliband said: "Our first national goal is that we halve the number of people in low pay by 2025, transforming the lives of 2 million people in our country."

Ed Miliband: Government 'one of the worst ever'

This Government's record is "one of the worst ever", Ed Miliband has told Labour activists at his keynote speech to their annual conference.

"The record of this government, friends, isn't just mediocre - it is one of the worst ever," the Labour leader said.

"The longest fall in living standards since 1870, wages rising slower than prices for 51 months. For your family five years of this government, five years of sacrifice, zero years of success."

Boris Johnson: Mansion Tax is a 'tax on London'

Boris Johnson has attacked Labour plans for a 'Mansion Tax' as a "tax on London" that will end up with some in the capital being "clobbered".

The Mayor of London told ITV News the move would be unfair on people who do not necessarily earn huge sums but whose homes have shot up in value because of the overheated London property market.

Mansion Tax 'would disrupt property market'

Introducing a 'Mansion Tax' on properties worth over £2m would disproportionately hit London and "disrupt the property market", one of the UK's leading estate agents has said.

Ed Miliband is set to announce plans for the new tax at his keynote Labour conference speech this afternoon.

The vast majority of houses worth over £2m are in London. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images

According to Susan Emmett of property firm Savills, 80% of the properties that would fall under such a tax would be in London.

She also argued that a new tax would impact on other property taxes and therefore reduce the revenue that Labour expect to raise from the levy.

Ms Emmett pointed out that properties worth over £2m already contribute a significant amount to the Treasury through a 7% rate of stamp duty.


Ed Miliband's wife ready for 'nasty' election battle

Ed Miliband's wife Justine Thornton has promised she is ready for a "fight" with her husband's critics, however "nasty" and "brutal" the attacks on him become ahead of the general election.

"I am up for this fight over the next eight months. However nasty, however personal, however brutal it gets over the next eight months, I am up for this fight," the Journal reported her as saying.

Ed Miliband with wife Justine Thornton. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Speaking at a meeting at Labour's conference, Ms Thornton also expressed concern that "principled, decent people" would shun politics because of the personal vitriol some politicians are exposed to.

Shadow minister caught out over state pension

The shadow minister responsible for pensions was caught out this morning when she appeared not to know the value of the basic state pension.

Rachel Reeves speaking at the Labour party conference in Manchester. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves told LBC radio the basic state pension was "just under £100 a week", before being informed that it is actually £113.10.

Ms Reeves then revised her answer to "around £100", before pointing out that the amount a pensioner receives depends on how much they have paid in.

"It depends how many years you've contributed to a pension - if you are a poorer pensioner, you get those top-ups with pension credit. The minimum income guarantee, if you like with a pensioner is around £130 or £140."

Miliband 'plans tax on tobacco firms' to help fund NHS

Ed Miliband is reportedly planning to boost NHS funding with a windfall tax on the profits of tobacco companies.

Ed Miliband is reportedly planning a raid on tobacco firms to help fund the health service. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Guardian reports that the pledge will feature in Mr Miliband's keynote speech to the Labour conference today, alongside further NHS funding from a 'mansion tax' on properties worth over £2m.

The Labour leader's speech will set out a '10-year plan' to rebuild the UK, although he is set to stress his party's commitment to discipline in public spending.

Those paying off the deficit most 'are better off people'

Labour plan to target the rich in order to raise the tax revenue needed to pay off the UK's deficit, Harriet Harman has told Good Morning Britain.

The deputy Labour leader said "none of us" want to freeze child benefit temporarily, but tried to reassure voters that "if you look at a package as a whole" then it will be the better off who pay the most.

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