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Theresa May says she won't be rushed into a Brexit

Ms May stressed that the UK remains Credit: APTN

Theresa May has insisted that she won't be rushed into triggering the start of a Brexit as she met Francois Hollande.

Mrs May said that "it will take time" to prepare for the start of formal steps towards the UK exiting the EU as she appeared at a press conference with the French president.

It comes after Mr Hollande said today he would urge Mrs May not to "drag on" the process.

Mrs May today said she had "excellent" and "very open" discussions over the issue - but there was more work to do.

As the UK leaves the EU we will have to determine how to maintain the closest possible economic relationship between our countries.

And it will take time to prepare for those negotiations.

I understand the need for certainty and confidence in the markets, and that is why I've already been clear that the UK will not invoke article 50 until before the end of this year.

– Theresa May

May arrives in France for Brexit talks with Hollande

Theresa May has arrived in Paris on her first foreign trip as the British prime minister.

She was met by the French premier Francois Hollande this afternoon as she arrived from Germany on a whistle-stop European tour.

Ms May is discussing the terms for a UK exit from the EU with fellow leaders.

Mr Hollande has already made clear that he will warn Mrs May not to drag her feet over the start of formal talks over a Brexit.


Hollande 'wants Britain to start Brexit talks quickly'

Francois Hollande wants Brexit talks to start soon. Credit: PA

Francois Hollande will tell Theresa May that Brexit talks must start quickly when the pair meet today.

The French president is expected to say he does not want there to be any "pre-negotiations".

Mr Hollande and the prime minister will hold talks on Britain's plans to quit the EU when they meet in Paris.

The French President will host a working dinner at the Elysee Palace, a day after Mrs May met German counterpart Angela Merkel.

At discussions in Berlin, the Chancellor said Britain should "take a moment" over its plans to sever its ties with Brussels but warned against leaving the negotiations "up in the air".


Theresa May warns UK won't rush to leave the EU

Video report by ITV News deputy political editor Chris Ship.

Theresa May warned that the UK would not be rushed into leaving the EU as she met Angela Merkel today.

The new British prime minister needs to win over the German chancellor, who holds more power than anyone else in Europe over any deal which is finally agreed.

In Berlin, some expressed concern over the apparent lack of a plan for a Brexit after the UK voted to leave.

May's handling off the issue is likely to be among the key moments of her time in office - and that work started in earnest today.

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