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Labour 'will seek amendment to Brexit bill', Corbyn says

Jeremy Corbyn said an amendment to the bill is needed to protect living standards. Credit: PA

Labour will table an amendment to the government's Brexit bill if the Supreme Court allows a parliamentary debate, Jeremy Corbyn said.

The Labour leader denied that his party would delay triggering Article 50 and respect the result of the referendum but said he wanted protections to be put in place.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: "When the Article 50 debate comes up we will put forward an amendment to it which will be on the issues I've just said, about market access and protections."

"There are those in the Tory party who want us to sever all connection with Europe, reduce corporate taxation, set up some kind of bargain basement trade agreement with the USA," he added.

"The result would be a reduction in wages, reduction in public expenditure and ultimately a big reduction in living standards across Britain." he added.

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