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First female bishop to take a seat in House of Lords

The Bishop of Gloucester will become the first female Bishop to sit in the House of Lords today.

Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester Credit: PA

Together with other Lords Spiritual, the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek will help the Church of England meet its responsibility to provide a Christian voice to the law-making process.

England's most senior female bishop, she was installed as the Bishop of Gloucester on September 19.

I am looking forward to joining the Lords Spiritual and playing an active role in Parliament. Through the parish system, which covers every part of England, the Church of England has a detailed understanding of what is important to people's lives, and where transformation is most needed.

This is the voice I seek to bring to the House, together with the wisdom and transformation which only comes from the Good News of Jesus Christ.

– Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

Vatican criticises 'unfounded' reports of Pope brain tumour

The Vatican has hit back at reports claiming Pope Francis has a benign brain tumour - calling the claims "unfounded" and "gravely irresponsible".

The Vatican called the reports 'unfounded' Credit: Reuters

National Italian newspaper Quotidiano Nazionale splashed on news that the 78-year-old religious leader had secretly flowin by helicopter to see a Japanese doctor based in Tuscany "some time ago".

He was diagnosed with "a small dark spot on the brain", the report said, but added that it was curable.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denied the reports.

The pope is carrying out his activity with his usual high level of intensity.

Spreading unfounded news is gravely irresponsible and is not worthy of attention.

– Father Federico Lombardi


Pope meets baby pope on final day of US tour

Pope Francis was rolling in the aisles at the sight of baby Quinn dressed in full papal regalia.

The infant, daughter of Daniel Madden and his wife Dana, was swept up by the security guard and presented to the Pontiff as he paraded through Philadelphia in his popemobile.

In a video, shared by local news channel 6ABC Action News, the pope kisses the child before whispering to the security guard.

He told the family the Pope commended their "great sense of humour."

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Video via 6abc News

Pope Francis later held mass at on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, completing his visit of the US.

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