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Astronaut captures UK storm in stunning space photo

A Nasa astronaut has captured a stunning photo showing recent storms off the UK as seen from the International Space Station.

The startling effect was created by a mixture of lightning and aurora - an electrical phenomenen created by the interaction of charged particles from the sun stimulating molecules in the earth's atmosphere.

Thousands of people were left without power in Skye and the Western Isles following lightning on Thursday morning as part of the recent "weather bomb".

Elsewhere, snow, wind and rain caused travel disruption across the country.


Meteor shower pictures captured by CCTV cameras

The first pictures of a Germinid meteor shower have been captured by CCTV cameras, ahead of 'perfect conditions' for watching the spectacle expected later tonight.

Meteor shower pictures captured by CCTV camera. Credit: British Astronomical Association

The images came from two British Astronomical Association infrared CCTV video cameras in Chelmsford, Essex.

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