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Bernice Steadman, one of Nasa's first female trainee astronauts, dies aged 89

Bernice Steadman (far right) was one of the first women Nasa trained for space. Credit: Nasa

One of the first women Nasa ever trained as potential astronauts has died in the US aged 89, the Associated Press has reported.

Bernice Steadman was a member of the so-called "Mercury 13" - a grueling training programme in the early 1960's designed to put potential female astronauts through their paces.

The programme was eventually dropped and it would be a further 22 years before an American woman ventured into space.

Mrs Steadman's death was announced by her husband, Robert. She had Alzheimer's disease.

She had a pilot's license before she could drive, it is reported. In her youth she raced aircraft across the US and was a flying instructor.

Few had a better look at eclipse than those in the Arctic

Few, however, had a better sight of today's solar phenomenon than those witnessing it from Svalbard in the Arctic. It's unique position near the north pole giving skygazers a full eclipse.

From there ITV News science correspondent Alok Jha reported on an eerie view, that left everyone in the shade:


Cosmic coincidence brings rare eclipse of the sun

A cosmic coincidence treated much of the northern hemisphere to a rare image today - a total eclipse of the sun.

At its most striking the further north you were, the moon blotting out the sun drew huge crowds in many countries.

In Britain, where there was a partial eclipse, many areas were plunged into near darkness. But some, particularly in the south, found the eclipse obscured by cloudy weather.

ITV News correspondent Martin Geissler reports on how the UK welcomed a solar spectacle:

Person treated for injuries sustained during eclipse

A person was treated at A&E in Scunthorpe General Hospital earlier today after sustaining injuries during the eclipse.

The partial solar eclipse, earlier today. Credit: Reuters

A spokeswoman for Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust said:

One person had to be treated in the accident and emergency department at Scunthorpe General Hospital earlier today due to injuries sustained during the partial eclipse of the sun.

– Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

They did not give any more details on the nature of the injuries, or their severity.

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