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UK Ebola cases 'probably' inevitable, expert warns

A microbiologist has told ITV News an Ebola outbreak in the UK is "probably" inevitable - but says it will not get out of control.

Mark Fielder, from Kingston University, insisted the threat to the country posed by the deadly virus remained low.

Speaking to ITV News's Ranvir Singh, Prof Fielder said he believed the UK was well prepared for any Ebola cases - but criticised the international community for responding too slowly to the crisis.


Need coffee in the morning? Blame it on your genes

Scientists have found a genetic link to habitual coffee drinking. Credit: John Walton/PA Wire/Press Association Images.

Coffee drinkers have a new excuse for their caffeine addiction - after scientists found the habit was linked to a person's genes.

A large-scale study involving 20,000 people found six new genetic variants associated with regular coffee drinking.

The research, led by experts in America, is thought to explain why coffee or caffeine has different effects on different people.

Scientists believe the findings could also form the basis of future research into the links between coffee and health.

Coffee and caffeine have been linked to beneficial and adverse health effects.

Our findings may allow us to identify subgroups of people most likely to benefit from increasing or decreasing coffee consumption for optimal health.

– Marilyn Cornelis, Harvard School of Public Health.
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