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Naturalist Bill Oddie attacks 'arrogant' government

Bill Oddie has said the Government is "ignorant and arrogant" in respect to Britain's wildlife. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Naturalist Bill Oddie has said Britain's wildlife is suffering "one dip after another" and the Government is partly to blame.

The Goodies star, 72, blamed "very greedy humans" for destroying many species but added: "I think this Government is stunningly ignorant and arrogant.

He told the Radio Times:"The badger cull has had a lot of publicity but basically what you've got is scientific research that suggests this is not the way to curb bovine TB.

"But the Government turn round and say, 'Right, I see, we did this survey but it hasn't come up with what we want to hear so we'll ignore it'. And that seems to be the general attitude to just about everything."

Brian May to lead fight against government over cull

Rock star Brian May will lead today's rally against the Government's plans.
Rock star Brian May will lead today's rally against the Government's plans. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Rock star Brian May will today lead a rally against planned badger culls, due to begin from this weekend in an effort to tackle bovine TB.

The Queen guitarist, a long-time campaigner against the plan, will be joined by TV naturalist Bill Oddie as they lead a march through Westminster.

Organisers say they expect thousands to join them, all wearing badger masks, in an effort to demonstrate their opposition to the culls, the pilots for which are in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset.

Some 5,000 badgers are set to be killed in the two south west regions, with policing costs expected to reach £4 million to cope with potential disruption from activists.

Police last night said they were "prepared" for any disruption and protests.

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Bill Oddie blasts HSBC over 'rainforest destruction'

Bill Oddie accused HSBC of funding the desecration of rainforests at the banking giant's annual general meeting.

HSBC's board members were confronted by the 71-year-old birdwatcher and broadcaster over its links to firms operating in Borneo.

Oddie, who used his position as a shareholder to raise the issue, said, "What's happening is that the logging companies have got the confidence and power and reputation because they have been funded by HSBC to expand and they are expanding across the world".

Bill Oddie pictured visiting the World Land Trust stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.
Bill Oddie pictured visiting the World Land Trust stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Credit: Anthony Upton/PA Wire

He added, "There's a huge desecration which at the root is funded by HSBC".

HSBC said it requires those banking with it to operate "legally and sustainably to protect the environment and local people" and has stopped providing services to 68 clients who failed to meet its standards.

Chief executive Stuart Gulliver urged Oddie to work with HSBC to tackle the issue, saying, "Give us the chance to be a force for good".

Bill Oddie's tirade against Environment Secretary

TV presenter and bird lover Bill Oddie has launched an online tirade against the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson.

Writing on his Twitter account, Mr Oddie voices a long list of grievances against the Secretary which include his alleged support of the badger cull, pesticides that harm bees and the hunting act.


Owen Paterson. Secretary for the Environment? AGAINST the environment, yes. British Wildlife is not safe with this man or this government.


What does Owen Paterson really mean by management? Hunting? Shooting? Poisoning? All three? cont.


Who has approved a badger cull despite authoritative science saying it wont help eradicate Bovine TB? Owen Paterson cont.

Mr Paterson, who does not have a Twitter account, does not appear to have responded to the accusations so far.

Number of nesting birds in Britain plummet

Scientists have estimated that the number of nesting birds in Britain has plummeted by a fifth in the last fifty years - dying out at a rate of one pair every minute.

Figures compiled from volunteers' observations show that some 44 million birds have been lost from Britain since 1966.

Ornithologist Bill Oddie has spoken to ITV News:


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