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'Vicious, uncontrolled battles fragmenting a nation'

Whilst diplomats met in Geneva made tentative steps towards a diplomatic resolution of the Ukraine crisis, pro-Russian militants in the eastern city of Donetsk refused to leave an occupied government building until pro-government forces stood down, creating a tense stand-off.

Europe Correspondent, Emma Murphy reports from Donetsk

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Ukraine: Riot police in Donetsk protect pro-unity rally

Police have gathered to protect a pro-unity rally in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, according to a journalist in the region.


Hundreds of riot police to protect prounity rally on #Donetsk Commander: police force under control of Kyiv #Ukraine


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Pro-Russia separatists bid to humiliate Ukraine

Separatists flew the Russian flag on armoured vehicles taken from the Ukrainian army today in a bid to humiliate Kiev's operation to recapture towns in the eastern region.

Six armoured personnel carriers were driven into the rebel-held town of Slaviansk to shouts of "Russia! Russia!"

ITV News Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy reports

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Ukraine confirms vehicles seized by pro-Russian forces

Ukraine's defence ministry has confirmed that six armoured personnel carriers seen in the town of Slaviansk were seized from the Ukrainian military.

The vehicles drove into the eastern Ukrainian town today, with one of them flying a Russian flag.

Pro-Russian forces sit on top of armoured personnel carriers seized from the Ukrainian military Credit: REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

A statement from the ministry said the personnel carriers had been taken from the nearby town of Kramatorsk.

"A column was blocked by a crowd of local people in Kramatorsk with members of a Russian diversionary-terrorist group among them. As a result of the blocking, extremists seized the equipment."

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Nato to bolster eastern European forces 'immediately'

Nato has decided to reinforce its forces in eastern Europe "immediately" as a result of the crisis in Ukraine, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said.

"You will see deployments at sea, in the air, on land to take place immediately, that means within days," Mr Rasmussen told a news conference.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaking to reporters at Nato headquarters in Brussels today Credit: Associated Press

The move means Nato fighter planes will fly more sorties over the Baltic region, with ships being sent to the Baltic sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

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