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North Korean gripe over hair advert reaches Whitehall

Complaints from the North Korean embassy against a hair salon's poster poking fun at their leader's unusual hairstyle has reached the corridors of power in Whitehall.

The Foreign Office confirmed it received a letter of complaint from the North Korean embassy this week
The Foreign Office confirmed it received a letter of complaint from the North Korean embassy this week Credit: ITV News

The Foreign Office has confirmed it received a letter this week complaining about the picture of Kim Jong-Un which was displayed in M&M hair Academy's window in South Ealing.

The advert said: "Bad Hair Day? 15% off all gent cuts through the month of April."

Staff at the west London salon were confronted by two men claiming to be North Korean officials over the marketing stunt earlier this month.

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Tower of London lit up green to celebrate Irish state visit

The Tower of London has been lit up green this evening as a tribute to the state visit of Ireland's President, Michael Higgins.

President Higgins has today met the Queen, addressed Parliament and spoken at a state banquet at Windsor Castle.

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MPs hail 'momentous achievement' of equal marriage

As the countdown for the first same-sex marriages gets underway, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas and shadow chancellor Ed Balls have hailed the momentous event.


Rainbow flag flying above 70 Whitehall tonight & all weekend to mark the momentous achievement of #EqualMarriage


Only 1 hour to go - I'm so proud to be part of a society & a @uklabour @lgbtlabour movement which has made #EqualMarriage a reality


Wishing everyone taking vows from midnight tonight every happiness in the world. A wonderful & historic day for #LGBT rights #equalmarriage

BBC Three 'axing' provokes strong celebrity reaction

Stars of BBC Three and celebrities inclusing including Jack Whitehall and Matt Lucas had launched a campaign to save the youth channel when it was earlier reported to be under threat:


I really hope reports that the BBC may kill BBC3 are just rumours. There support of new comedy in particular is vital! #saveBBC3


Little Britain, Gavin & Stacey, Torchwood, Being Human, Mighty Boosh, Pramface, Ideal - BBC3 is the home of new comedy & drama #SaveBBC3


Just because some TV or film doesn't fall within the tiny purview of your own cultural gaze, doesn't mean you should blind it. #SaveBBC3

The campaign has spawned the hashtag #SaveBBC3, and echoes previous efforts to save BBC radio channel 6Music, which was due to be disbanded four years ago but was kept after more than 100,000 people joined online campaigns to rescue it.

BBC News is reporting that the decision has been made to axe it and move it online.

The BBC is in the process of making savings of £100 million, and the organisation's director general, Tony Hall, has said he faces "tough choices" in making the cuts.


Minimum wage rise less than Chancellor's proposal

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne pulls a pint of beer during a visit to The Red Lion pub in Whitehall, central London. Credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Wire

The 3% minimum wage increase proposed today by the Low Pay Commission is below the increase from £6.31 to £7 that had been floated by Chancellor George Osborne earlier this month.

Mr Osborne said last month that the economic recovery meant "Britain can afford an above-inflation increase in the minimum wage so we restore its real value".

Treasury analysis has suggested that increasing the National Minimum Wage to £7 by 2015-16 would only have a minor impact on unemployment.

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Flood defence funding may have struggled whoever was in power

by - Deputy Political Editor

A point the Prime Minister made to me last week was that there are homes that have been protected by flood defences where there is clearly no water so therefore there are no cameras and you don't get the attention.

I think when we are talking about budgets its true that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) had its budget proportionately slashed when compared to many others in Whitehall.

David Cameron has defended the Government's flood response today. Credit: PA Wire

We are told constantly that the lack of money has not affected flood defences.

Now Labour and the Tories argue over who spent more.

The Tories pick one four-year period and say we spent more, and Labour pick another four-year period and say they spent more than the Government.

I think the reality is that we are speaking here about a £100 million or so difference and the truth is no matter who was in power, I think many of these flood defence schemes would have struggled to get the funding.

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