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Fabice Muamba's wife 'praying for Michael Schumacher'

Fabrice Muamba's wife Shauna has said she is praying for Michael Schumacher, just as "the world prayed" for her husband when he suffered a cardiac arrest in March last year.


I pray that Michael Schumacher pulls through this. I remember how the world prayed for my hubby@fmuamba and now I'll say a prayer for him ??

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What is in the Fifa Medical Emergency Bag?

In June, the Fifa Medical Emergency Bag was sent to all of the 209 member associations

It contains an automated external defibrillator which can detect suspected heart problems, as well as an instructional video and a medical emergency kit.

The bags were also introduced pitch-side at all the stadiums hosting matches at the FIFA Confederations Cup in June 2013.

Fifa emergency care kit can create 'global standard'

A consistent standard in care should be available to players who need urgent medical attention on the pitch for injuries or conditions such as cardiac arrest, experts have said.

An international panel said Fifa's emergency medical bag and "11 steps to prevent sudden cardiac death", create a "global standard for emergency preparedness".

Fabrice Muamba had to retire after suffering a cardiac arrest on the pitch Credit: PA

Writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the researchers said that the kits contain a comprehensive inventory of essential but generic equipment which can be used anywhere in the world at amateur or professional levels.

Call for emergency care equipment on football pitches

Players react as Bolton Wanderers' Fabrice Muamba is treated on the pitch. Credit: Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

Every football pitch should have emergency care equipment on hand to help treat any players that suffer the same condition as former footballer Fabrice Muamba, experts have said.

The ex-Bolton Wanderers midfielder collapsed following a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup match in March last year.

Researchers said that officials at games around the world should adopt a universal standard of emergency medical care, set out by the world's football governing body Fifa, to curb the potential for serious injuries and deaths.

Read: Fabrice Muamba continues recovery


New advert launched to fight heart disease in the UK

The British Heart Foundation is calling on people across the UK to fight back against heart disease.

The charity has launched a new national campaign which brings together heart patients and scientists to talk about the research which is needed to fight the disease.

The moving TV advert also features the moment that footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered from an on pitch cardiac arrest.

Muamba to present League Cup trophy

Fabrice Muamba had to retire after suffering a cardiac arrest on the pitch Credit: PA

The retired Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba will present the Capital One Cup to the winning captain in Sunday's Wembley final between Swansea and Bradford.

The former England Under-21 international was playing for Bolton in an FA Cup quarter-final against Tottenham last March when he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed.

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