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Ed Balls predicts more U-turns in Autumn Statement

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has predicted more "panicky" Government U-turns, as the Autumn Statement is due on Wednesday.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and shadow chancellor Ed Balls Credit: Toby Melville/PA Wire

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, Mr Balls said: "After last year’s Budget, Chancellor George Osborne was forced into chaotic U-turns on the pasty tax, the caravan tax and the charities tax. This time the U-turns have started before he’s even made his speech.

"With four days until the Autumn Statement, we’ve already had panicky changes in government policy: on payday loans, cigarette packaging, energy subsidies and bank lending.

"We don’t need more half-measures and panicky climbdowns from the Omnishambles Chancellor".

Bryant: Cameron's policy is the 'unmarried tax'

Labour MP Chris Bryant Credit: Reuters

Labour MP Chris Bryant has labelled the prime minister's plans for married couples the "unmarried tax."

Writing in the Independent, he said: "This is bad policy and even worse politics.

"It is High Tory political theology from a distant era.

"It does nothing to channel public funds to where they are needed.

"The man who leaves his wife and children and marries again will get it, while the divorced wife with children soldiers on without, just because she does not remarry.

"it pretends to espouse family values, but it is offensively naïve to think anyone really marries (or indeed should marry) for £150 a year tax relief.

"So let’s call it what it really is, the “unmarried tax”, and make sure it follows the pasty tax, the bedroom tax and the charity tax into history."

4-year-old Hamzah 'locked upstairs in dark room'

Bradford Crown Court heard that 4-year-old Hamzah Khan would spend his days either in front of the TV in the living room, or locked in a bedroom with the light turned off.

Deepinder Kaur, the former girlfriend of Amanda Hutton's son Qaiser said Hamzah would eat half a cheese and onion pasty in the evening and half a banana in the morning.

Hamzah Khan would wear a baby grow, despite being four years old, the jury heard. Credit: Family handout.

She said during the day he would eat "biscuits or whatever's lying around."

Asked why Hamzah would be locked upstairs in a darkened room by himself, she said his mother Amanda Hutton would explain it was because he had misbehaved.

"She said it was because he'd been naughty. But she didn't say exactly what he'd done."

More: Parents argued over welfare of 'starved boy' jury hears

Amanda Hutton denies manslaughter.


Bets on Budget buzzwords

Budget George Osborne campaigners
Poverty campaigners calling on the Government to keep their promises to the world's poorest people Credit: Matt Crossick/PA Wire

Bets are being taken on what words or phrases will be used by the Chancellor during his statement.

According to Ladbrokes, they include:

Cyprus: 4/6

Budget for growth: evens

Tough decisions: evens

Striving to get on: 3/1

Labour's economic mess: 6/1

Mansion Tax: 12/1

Omnishambles: 50/1

Pasty Tax: 50/1

Bullingdon: 100/1

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