Stranded Costa ship being towed

A cruise ship owned by the Costa company is being towed to safety, according to Seychelles authorities. The ship was adrift off the islands after a fire erupted in the engine room, leaving the vessel without power. 31 British passengers are onboard.

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Costa 'reserves 600 seats' to repatriate passengers

Costa Cruises says its 'Care Team' will reach the ship within the next few hours and will begin "working to achieve repatriation of all guests". It said another team on the Sechelles is organising hospitality for the passengers when they arrive.

Costa has optioned more than 600 airline seats to facilitate guest travel and more than 400 hotel rooms have been reserved for guests’ accommodations needs


Recap: Costa Cruise ship adrift

  • Ship lost power yesterday after a fire in the generator room knocked out the engines, lights and air conditioning.
  • Passengers face another night in darkness as the emergency supply of electricity ran out this evening.
  • Helicopters are due to ferry food and torches to more than one thousand passengers tomorrow morning.


Cruise passengers stranded until Thursday morning

The Costa Allegra being towed by French fishing vessel, The Trevignon, in the Indian Ocean, Credit: Reuters

Passengers aboard the Costa Allegra have been told tonight it will not be safe for them to disembark tomorrow morning. The ship is being towed to the island of Desroches but stranded travellers will not be able to leave until the ship reaches the main Seychelles island of Mahe on Thursday morning.

Disaster strikes twice for mother

Rebecca Thomas is stuck on the Costa Allegra; her brother was rescued from the Costa Concordia just six weeks ago Credit: Family

A mother whose son was rescued from the Costa Concordia is now waiting anxiously for the return of her daughter from the Costa Allegra. Jayne Thomas has had no news of her daughter Rebecca since a dire broke out on board as the ship is using it's limited power supply to co-ordinate the rescue.

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