Tappin appears in US Court

Christopher Tappin, the retired British businessman extradited to the US accused of exporting electric batteries to Iran, has made his first appearance in a US court.

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Civil rights group condemn UK extradition laws

Shami Chakrabarti from civil rights group Liberty has criticised the extradition agreement between the UK and the United states saying:

"No-one is saying that there shouldn't be effective co-operation between countries to bring suspects to justice. But how is it just that someone can be taken from his home, family and country without any evidence being probed in a local court?"


Elaine Tappin's: 'While my husband's in America please be kind to him'

Elaine Tappin spoke to reporters after she appeared before the Home Affairs Select Committee to talk about her husband Christopher Tappin's extradition.

She said he was very worried about him and his mental health.

Asked by a reporter if she had a message for President Obama and the US, Mrs Tappin said:

"Please be kind to him, don't treat him unjustly, and let him have his day in court quickly so he can come home to us."

Attorney General: 'underlying fundamental problems' with US-UK extradition treaty

Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC answered questions about the US-UK extradition treaty Credit: POOL

Asked about the US-UK extradition treaty which has been described as "one-sided", Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC said there were "underlying fundamental problems that are not very easy to address".

"I think there's a lack of public confidence in the US justice system," he said.

There were perceptions in Britain that the US justice and penal systems were "harsh and disproportionate", leaving Britons "uneasy and uncertain", he added.

He told the MPs these concerns were "not readily curable".

Christopher Tappin's son: 'Since dad's left we have not spoken to him'

Elaine Tappin was accompanied by her son, Neil, when she appeared before the MPs on the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee to talk about her husband Christopher's extradition.

He said:

"Since dad's left we have not spoken to him, we heard last night from the British Consulate he is allowed one hour outside of his cell and has had his reading material taken away from him.

They'll probably oppose bail because he's a flight risk.. bizarre they should do that as he got himself to Heathrow..."

– Neil Tappin


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