Prayers for fallen British soldiers

Six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan are being remembered at church services in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Warminster.

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Soldier 'worried' about Afghanistan

Private Anthony Frampton told a journalist he thought the Afghanistan mission was worthwhile Credit: Facebook

Private Anthony Frampton told a reporter of his concerns about going out to Afghanistan just months before his deployment but said he thought the mission was worthwhile.

Yorkshire Post reporter Joe Shute went out on patrol with Pte Frampton, 20, on a freezing training exercise in Norfolk last year.

The young soldier said: "I have never really regretted joining the Army. I feel like it is worthwhile being out there in Afghanistan. I am worried about myself, and my mates as well."

He added that he felt proud and could come back to his home town of Huddersfield with his "head held high".

Killed soldier 'is a star now'

Elaine Freeman (left) mother of Sergeant Nigel Coupe, 33, hugs her daughter in law Natalie Coupe Credit: MOD

The daughter of Sgt Nigel Coupe told her mother that "daddy is a star now" after his death alongside five colleagues in Afghanistan, his widow revealed.

Natalie Coupe paid tribute to her husband: "Nigel would be touched by all the support we are getting from family, friends and the British Army, in which he loyally served.

"I also have no doubt in my mind that he would be proud of our children and the way in which they have dealt with his untimely death.

"Our eldest daughter Ella said: 'Daddy is a star now'. Everyone who knew Nigel would know he has always been a star, the only difference is now he's shining in a different place."

Archbishop of York praises 'brave' soldiers

The Archbishop of York paid tribute to the UK forces Credit: ITV News

The Archbishop of York said that the six soldiers killed in Afghanistan were doing a "very important job" and that troops should not be pulled out of the war early.

Dr John Sentamu said: "People should go back and remember Britain did not go in there because it decided.

"This was a unanimous vote and mandate that al Qaeda had to be disrupted, that the Taliban were actually treating their women very badly and that you could create towards peace and the only way was actually to go in and disrupt al Qaeda.

"I want to believe myself we've done a lot of disruption in the fact that Osama Bin Laden is no longer posing the same threat now.

"It seems to me that the British soldiers, who in my book are the best, were doing it not just for the UK, people must remember this - they were doing it for the global village."

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