Minute's silence for Belgian dead

A minute's silence has been held in Belgium for the 28 victims of the school bus crash in Switzerland. The bodies of the 22 children and six adults have been flown home.

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Police investigate whether 'DVD was being inserted' at time of crash

by - Europe Editor

We were taken into the tunnel about an hour ago to see the place where the flowers have been left by families and by the Belgium Prime Minister this morning. They are placed against a green wall, the wall the bus hit. What you could see in there is how tragic this was.

The bus had slipped off the road, into an emergency lay-by and then hit this wall absolutely head on at about 60mph. If it had just been a little bit further down the tunnel it would have bumped off against the wall, probably come to a halt, but with no-one hurt.

In terms of the cause, police are taking seriously the thought that either the driver or a teacher may have been putting a DVD in a machine just when it happened. That apparently has come from one of the children speaking to their parents. Police are looking very carefully at that.

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