PM: Afghan mission to continue

David Cameron has told ITV News the international mission in Afghanistan will continue despite the Taliban's decision to pull out of peace talks.

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Pentagon spokesman plays down President Karzai's comments

US officials have downplayed President Karzai's call for Afghan troops to take the lead for nationwide security in 2013.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said President Obama's transition plan was "consistent with President Karzai's comments today."

He also said it reflected "President Karzai's strong interest in moving as quickly as possible to a fully independent and sovereign Afghanistan".


13 dead in Afghan roadside bomb

13 people have been killed and two were wounded in Dirawaud district of Uruzgan province.

Police chief Faried Aeel told ITV News that a small car was hit by a roadside bomb this morning around 11:15am. Nine children and four women were killed. The driver and one more person were wounded.

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