Donor dinner details released

The Conservative Party have published a list of donors who attended a lunch hosted by David Cameron at one of his official residences. The PM announced that the Tory peer and lawyer Lord Gold is to head the party's inquiry into funding.

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  1. Chris Ship

Political party funding has to go on despite a 'stalemate'

There's no doubt that the cash for honours allegation is damaging, and it does not do much for the Conservative brand, but it's also a reminder to people about where political parties get thier money from.

For the Tories, it tends to be from wealthy individuals. For Labour, it comes overwhelmingly from the unions. The problem is that while the parties will find alternative funders, it can sometimes come from taxpayer's money and there is no consensus on that.

The trouble is while there is stalemate on the issue, political party funding has to go on.


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