Stars at Titanic 3D premiere

Kate Winslet and James Cameron are among the starts arriving for the premiere of a new 3D version of the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster Titanic.

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James Cameron: 'I would have made Titanic in 3D before if the technology existed'

James Cameron speaks to ITV's Nina Nannar Credit: ITV News: Nina Nannar

James Cameron says "I would have made Titanic in 3D in 1997 had the technology existed. I love 3D" he says and "I had always planned to update Titanic". James Cameron then went onto say:

"I showed part of Titanic 3D to Leonardo di Caprio who just laughed out loud at how young he looked!"

Kate Winslet: 'Titanic changed everything for me'

Kate Winslet speak to ITV's Nina Nannar Credit: ITV News: Nina Nannar

Kate Winslet tells me the original Titanic of 1997 simply changed everything for her. She said "I had done a few films, but this made me world famous all of a sudden".

Kate Winslet says people have asked her whether we should be here on this red carpet, but "we should remember the terrible true life events of 100 years ago and should never forget about it".


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