Lights go out for Earth Hour

Hundred's of landmarks around the world will switch off their lights at 8.30pm local time as part of a global effort to shine a spotlight on climate change

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Earth Hour in Sydney

The normal skyline of Sydney Harbour Bridge Credit: REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

In 2007 Sydney started the first ever Earth Hour event, by persuading as many businesses and individuals as possible to switch off their lights.

This year the city was almost completely engulfed in darkness; over two million individuals and more than two thousand businesses took part.

Sydney Harbour Bridge during Earth Hour 2012 Credit: REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

Great Wall of China switches off for Earth Hour

The Baldaling section of the Great Wall of China before Earth Hour Credit: REUTERS/Jason Lee

The Great Wall of China took part in this year's Earth Hour. Everyone around the world is asked to turn off lights for an hour from 8.30pm local time as a show of support for tougher action to confront climate change.

The Balding section of the Great Wall of China after Earth Hour Credit: REUTERS/Jason Lee


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