Olympic Stadium run

Princess Beatrice joined a host of celebrities and athletes in the National Lottery Olympic Park run.

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Princess Beatrice: Crossing finish line was extraordinary

An aerial view of the Olympic stadium in Stratford, east London Credit: PA

Princess Beatrice, who took part in the run, said being among the first to cross the Olympic finish line was an extraordinary moment in what should be "a memorable year for the nation".

Men's winner Tommy Davies said winning the race was fantastic. "This is a once in a lifetime thing," he said.


Nell McAndrew wins Olympic Park run

Princess Beatrice (left) with Nell McAndrew who won the ladies Olympic Park run Credit: PA

Five thousand people were the first to cross the finish line at the Olympic Stadium in the 5-mile National Lottery Olympic Park Run - the first public event at the east London stadium.

Men's winner was Tommy Davies, 26, of Loughborough while former model Nell McAndrew, 38, was the women's winner.

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