Missing ferry passenger search

The search for a woman believed to have fallen overboard from a Condor Rapide ferry from Guernsey to Poole has been suspended.

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Search for passenger missing from Condor Rapide ferry called off

The search for a passenger missing from a Condor Rapide Fast Ferry Ferry travelling from Guernsey to Poole has been suspended.

Nigel Robson, Portland Coastguard Watch manager, said:

"We have searched the route of the ship and the areas where our search planning expertise indicate a person might have been carried by the tide."Sadly, we have found no-one.

"It's now been five hours since the person was reported missing and because of the water temperature and difficulty of searching in the dark, we have now called off the search."


Search continues for passenger overboard in English Channel

An air and sea search is still underway for a passenger who is believed to have fallen overboard from a passenger ferry travelling from Guernsey to Poole in Dorset.

"At 5.35pm today crew were made aware of a possible missing person situation onboard Condor Rapide. The captain raised a Pan Pan with the coastguard and a full search was conducted of the vessel.

"The passenger was unable to be found and the Pan Pan was upgraded to a Mayday.

Condor Rapide is currently engaged in searching the area where the passenger is believed to have gone missing, and Portland Coastguard is co-ordinating. The Portland Coastguard helicopter has been scrambled and other vessels in the area are participating in the search. The ferry was en route from Guernsey to Poole.

– Spokesman for Condor Ferries
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